Introducing my 2nd Bal! ~_~

  1. I finally order my second balenciaga in powder pink! My first balenciaga was part-time (outremer) and I always wanted to buy a black city with gh but when I saw this, I just had to have it.. :smile:

    I have a question since I only have two balenciaga, I was wondering why the serial number on city is in the front and on my part time is in the back of the tag?
    IMG_0397.jpg IMG_0398.jpg IMG_0402.jpg IMG_0401.jpg
  2. With my first balenciaga. ~_~
  3. That's because the regular hardware (tassels) bags have a metal tag and the giant hardware bags have a leather one. Looove your outremer btw! So sad I let mine go last year, I'd give anything to have it back :sad::sad::sad:
  4. Congrats! The powder pink color is so adorable, along with the powder blue from the same collection. I would love to see modeling pics!
  5. So cute, I love the color
  6. All GH bags have a leather tag withe the info on the back

    RH bags have a leather tag or metal tag depending on the style

    RH city - metal tag
    RH Part Time - leather tag
    RH Work - metal tag
    RH First - metal tag
    RH Velo - leather tag
    RH Town - leather tag
    RH Twiggy - leather tag
    RH Day -leather tag
    RH Clutch - leather tag

    Your new City is gorgeous! Congrats! Perfect for Spring.
  7. Thank you all for the sweet replies!

    Aww that's sad that you have to let it go. Maybe balenciaga will come up with the same color as outremer.

    I haven't even use my bbag yet as its snowing a lot on where I live. ~_~ To be honest I'm actually scared to used it since it's a light color and I always ending up staining mg bags... :sad:

    Yes! It's the color that made me buy this instead of the black gh (which is on my list to buy).

    That clear things up. I never doubt that it's fake since I order it from the actual online store. At the same time it's been a while since I got a new one. I mean, even the box changed. My new one came in with a brown balenciaga box instead of white like before.
  8. Such a cute color!
  9. Stunning!!!
  10. Pretty powder pink!! Which color is it? I want a light pink bag very much, too, but I also always end up with stains :nogood:
  11. Very pretty, congrats!
  12. So lovely!!! Congrats!!