INTRODUCING, My 2 Beautiful Chloes!

  1. Ladies and Gents, here is my Blanc Chole Paddy and my Chocolate and Blanc Chloe puppy! Yes, my precious furry ones name is CHLOE:love: And if I must say so myself, I think they look just beautify together.
    Chloe is a 9 week old Shih Tzu. And she is a total sweetheart, and soooo smart. Since we lost our Misty, Chloe has been here to give us lots of laughs, love, and cuddles. She is just what we needed. Should my Misty ever come home, she has a wonderful baby sis to welcome her back. I hope you enjoy the pics! She is a bit dirty, cause she just got finished playing in some of my plants outside:wacko:
    And as for my Chloe Paddy, I absolutely LOVE it! IMO it is the best quality leather and color I could have found for myself:biggrin:
    DSC03435.JPG DSC03438.JPG DSC03451.JPG DSC03459.JPG DSC03460.JPG
  2. I love your Chloe's! Especially the furry one! Just adorable!
  3. Awww, she is too cute!!!! She looks just like my Kelsey black and white shih tzu that I used to have! :cry:

    Congrats on the beautiful bag!
  4. Gorgeous Chloe and Gorgeous Blanc Chloe, Ranskimmie. I'm still holding out for Misty returning too.

    In the meantime, enjoy! They're absolutely lovely!
  5. Your two baby Chloe's are so adorable.:love:
  6. They are both Gorgeous :biggrin: ....Hope your dear Misty will return :smile:
  7. I don't know which Chloe I like better. how sweet to put them together.
  8. So cute! I wish we lived closer so we could have puppy play dates!!
  9. Wow! Stunning photos, of the most gorgeous and colour co-ordinated subjects. :love: I'm sure when you find your Misty, she'll adore little Chloe, because she's so amazingly cute! :smile:
  10. Oh, that would be the best! :love:
  11. OMGoodness! BOTH are beautiful!
    You sound better {{{{hugs to you}}}}
  12. Thanks Swanky! I am doing really well. My new Chloe pup didnt take the place of Misty, but it is so fun having her sweet puppiness in the family! We just love her!:love:
  13. YEAH! I just LOVE CHLOE! She is absolutely adorable! I just want to hold her! And that handbag is pretty wonderful as well! Can't wait to see both of them IRL!!!;)
  14. Ranskimmie - I love both your Chloes, but I have to say the furry one has the cutest face I have ever seen! :love::love: I hope you dont mind me asking as a great dog- and catlover, but what happened to your Misty? :sad:

  15. Aaaaw ranskimmie both your new babies are beautiful... your Misty is just ditching out on getting the blame for all the puppy mischief that will occur! Congrats and hopefully you'll have an even bigger happy family some time soon!