Introducing my 1st Prada: White Patent Gaufre

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  1. After much debating... and thinking I was going to get a Chloe instread of a Prada for my white bag... I went to Prada at Ala Moana yesterday with Memory Bliss and RileyGirl and fell in love with my new baby.

    We had a great experience. Our SA was sweet, security thought we were crazy... and we totally caused a scene. All in all, typical.

    My first Prada! I fell in love with the across-the-body strap. I thought I'd hate it.

    Here are some pics! Sorry some are a little dark. It's cloudy outside. I'm 6'1 in the shoes and 120 lbs for reference!

    LOVE THIS BAG! Thanks to everyone who enabled me on this line.




  2. OMG!! You look fabulous!!!! That looks great on you...nice choice! Love your shoes too!! Enjoy her!!
  3. Emily, the bag looks sooo hot. I am kicking myself for not taking hubby's advice and getting one in black. Oh well....

    Thanks for letting us watch! LOL
  4. That patent looks so great in white - congrats and enjoy!!
  5. Looks great on you - congrats!! I bet this first won't be your last, hee hee........
  6. Love it- and it looks great on you too
  7. Looks great on you!! Congrats!
  8. I know I posted in the HI thread, but had to tell you here too, it looks great! I love the white patent. Your shoes are awesome too :smile:
  9. Thanks guys!

    I'm already thinking about the next one. :tender:
  10. congrats em! it looks great! :smile:
    u look amazin totally rock that bag!
    I'm glad I have approval from the GAUFRE QUEEN...

  13. congrats!!
  14. :heart: Love it! :heart:
  15. emily you are model material :heart: anything would look fabulous on you but that white patent Prada is just gorgeous! and i really like the cross body strap. so much so i didn't want to give the bag back to you.

    you'll love this bag when you go on your cross country vacay this summer. and take it to disney world, if it gets a little splashed on, not a problem. perfect choice girlie!
    p.s. i have the same my little pony on my shelf