Introducing.. Monogram Groom (Mini Lin Canvas)

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  1. I made this using Photoshop... Would love to see LV make a bag like this. Or even a speedy one.

  2. Wow -- you are good at photoshop!!!! What a cute idea! Mini Lin is my favorite line but I wonder if the silkscreen (is that how they would do it?) would actually "stay" on the fabric?
  3. Thanks! I'm sure Louis Vuitton will find a way to make the silkscreen "stay" on the fabric. They're genius, after all!

    Here's another one I just made:

  4. Cute idea- I don't think the silkscreen process would be a good fit for the fabric of the Mini Lin though.
  5. I'm making one now in Mono Canvas and Damier to see what it would look like :smile:
  6. this could be even better!
  7. Here it is... the first ever MONOGRAM GROOM SPEEDY 30 !!! (as made by me) :smile:


  8. ^ i want one too!!!
  9. the Groom on Mini Lin looks very good. i quite like it. can i make a request? id like to see a yellow or red stripe Groom on a Saumur XL please :smile:

    i think the silkscreen on Mini Lin would actually last longer than on coated canvas. the material actually soakes in the paint, it doesn't just stay on the surface of a waterproof coating. remember the Amman, Tanger and Isfahan from the men's S/S 2005 show collection? that's the first time Mini Lin appeared, and they had silkscreen stripes and initials on them.
  10. One Groom Saumur XL coming up!
  11. Here it is, as you requested :smile: I didn't know where you wanted the Groom print to be placed on the bag, so I just put it at the center top.

  12. oooh.... :drool: me likey very muchly :yes: THANKS!
  13. very nice idea!!
  14. great idea!!! I love the speedy!!!
  15. can you make it on the mini lin speedy?

    looks so cute!