Introducing . . . Misses Rose and Gray

  1. I went to the post office today and received two gorgeous BBags -- a rose twiggy and a gray shoulder. Without further adieu . . .

  2. GORGEOUS ROSE Rondafaye!!! Always a fan of the gris fonce;) How do you like your shrug? i've heard so many different things about them
  3. I really like my shrugs. This is my second and I find them comfortable. Then again, I like the fact that I don't have to unzip my bag to get to my things. I never zip my Balenciaga day/hobo.
  4. Wow gorgeous bags!!:drool: I love your ROSE twiggy, she is just beautiful, the colour is exquisite!! :love: Enjoy!
  5. Congrats :yahoo: :yahoo: !!!They are TDF :heart: :drool: :drool: !!!
  6. :love::love: i love them both. the rose is too delicious!

    congrats on your fabulous bags! :yahoo:
  7. Wow Ronda!!! I just love them. 04 Rose is such a great color, I would love to own something in it! Congratulations!!:love:
  8. Gorgeous additions :drool: Congratulations, Ronda!
  9. YOU"RE KILLING ME!!!!!!!!!! GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!:love: That rose is TDF!!!!!!!!:heart: :heart: :heart: I love the shrug too!!!!!!!!!!:heart:
  10. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: Rondafaye, those are two gorgeous bags. I love Gris Fonce. Plus, I'd kill for a rose Twiggy (well, not kill but perhaps torture a bit:p).

  11. wow gorgeous especially the rose
  12. I'm breathless :amazed: They look exquisite together! Congrats to the max!!!!!!
  13. Thanks, everyone! The rose was one of my dream bags and I'm delighted with her. The gray shrug popped up at a great price and I couldn't resist, as my greige first is just too small for me!

    Now: On a serious hunt for a marigold or yellow BBag in the city or twiggy size!
  14. woooooooooooo-whoooooooooooo, congrats Ronda-girl :party:
  15. OH I am in LOVE with the ROSE twiggy. Congrats on two fabulous b-bags! :biggrin: