Introducing Miss White Toilet Case!!!

  1. This is the cutest thing in the whole wide world!:tender: (for now~LOL)

    I adore it!!! BIG thanks to Erica (hgbags)!!!!!!!:flowers:

    I thought it was alot smaller from the pictures I've seen but it holds a good amount!!! The color white is so pretty and stands out when I look in my bag and see her!!! To me she looks like a ghost~ kind of! LOL:love:

    DSC02272.JPG DSC02276.JPG DSC02288.JPG
  2. OMG it's adorable!!! It looks like calcaire in your pics...
    Regardless its sooo cute!
  3. Cute Zac! You always find the cutest accessories!!!:yes:
  4. CONGRATS! I can't wait to get my black one!
  5. I can never tell the difference btwn calcaire and white in pictures and have never seen Calcaire IRL. Does Calcaire have pink undertones?
  6. I got my black one from Erica yesterday. I could not believe how much stuff fit into it. My bag is soooo organized now, it's amazing. Did you trim your tassles? Mine were longer than that, and I did trim them so they are about the length of yours now. Your white toilet is so pretty! *L*

    Editing to say...looks like you did not trim yours, it's just how the pic looks...
  7. Thanks Ally! I love Bal accessories as much as the bags! LOL

    MRG~ I'm so excited for you!!! You'll really love it!!!!!!!!
  8. congrats zac!!!!!!!!!!!! she is so cute and smooshy looking!!! i love all bal accesories!!!!!!
  9. You have to take a picture of your toilet! Yeah~ I was so surprised at how much bigger it is IRL too! I didn't trim the tassels. I would never trim them no matter how long!!!LOL I love them!!!!!!!!:yahoo: It's probably that the pictures I took cut the length of the tassels off!

    Baglover~ Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!:heart: :flowers: :heart:
  10. :ninja: :lol: what a cute ghost, too!
  11. Ooooh Zac how your collection is growing!! congrats!!! Everything about it is adorable, even the white zippers!
    Ahem... do we need a new family photo? :p
  12. congrats on the cute find
  13. Congrats Zac.. the leather looks TDF! Where did you purchased this from and how much do the toilet cases retail for??? Thanks! :biggrin: :biggrin:
  14. I always trim my tassles. I do not chop off a lot, just an inch or two seems to make a big difference in how much I like the look of it, as well as decreasing the chance they will drag on something and get damaged.

    Every time I sell a bbag, I always lose money no matter what so I do not worry about decreasing the value of my bags by tassle-trimming.

    I don't think I would trim the tassles if the bag did not come with extras. But I've always gotten extras.

    Back on you think the toilet case would look silly if you carried it alone as a clutch?
  15. Very cute!! Congrats!!!