Introducing Miss White Kelly

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  1. i found a new wonderful SA who helped me with my second hermes bag, another kelly! miss white kelly is clemence (mou - but not foldable since she is retourne) 28cm with PHW. i'm so much more relaxed with this kelly (as opposed to my black box kelly) since it's retourne (soft, rounded corners), clemence (scratch-resistant) - so easy to open/close! my SA also told me not to worry about dirt b/c hermes actually paints the white onto the leather, and they can repaint it anytime to make it look brand new again. apparently, white is the only color that is "painted" and not dyed.

    thanks for allowing me to share!
    White Kelly.jpg White Kelly in Action.jpg Black and White Kellies.jpg
  2. What a beauty!! Congrats, it looks beautiful on you!
  3. Congratulations, and boy, do you look fabulous carrying her! Love the family photo, too!
  4. WOW :drool::drool: Kim-Mac congrats , your white Kelly is stunning.She loks great against your blue dress. Thanx for the info about the white colour, its really interesting
  5. Wow... what a lovely choice...

    Great collection... you've got two great purses to pick from. That white Kelly looks fabulous on you...

  6. BEAUTIFUL!!!! i've always wanted a white kelly or birkin!!! now i REALLLLLLY want one!! haha you look gorgeous with it!! congrats!!
  7. That is just stunning, congratulations!! It looks fantastic on you!!
  8. Wow, just gorgeous and that is great to know about white. I love the look of white bags!
  9. I love it! Just gorgeous, and looks so fabulous on you! Enjoy in good health!
  10. Wow, wow, wow! Congrats on your new Kelly - it is so perfect for summer!
  11. Kimmac :yahoo:CONGRATULATIONSwhat a gorgeous, gorgeous bag and looks just stunning on you.... ENJOY !!!!!:heart:
  12. congrats!! So loving your white kelly, and that's black box with Gold hw yes? :nuts:
  13. gorgeous! white looks amazing in a kelly! and it looks beautiful on you!
  14. Wow!!! Totally yummy!! Congratulations on this white beauty!!!!
  15. I love the look of white Hermes.