Introducing Miss Vert Anis Kelly

  1. Excuse her shyness, she's a bit RIGIDE...:lol:

    Her Vital Statistics: 28cm Vert Anis Kelly Sellier in Togo leather....PHW

    I love how Hermes has used a soft leather with external stitching.. the softness of the leather tones down the "stiffness" typically associated with a rigide kelly...

    The brown stitching on the vert anis leather is so gorgeous, dont you think? :heart:

    PS: Actually she belongs to my sister....but thought I'll share this beauty with TPF..

    Does anyone know how to insert a watermark on the fotos? thanks



  2. She's so pretty! Vert Anis is such a vibrant colour and YES, I do love the contrasting brown stitching! Your sister is so lucky and nice to let you share her with us! Mmm, yummy eye-candy!!!
  3. She is GORGEOUS!!!:love:
  4. love the brown stitching on green!!! the contrast is attractive!!!
  5. i love the contrast of the stitching with the green. Lovely bag! Great vibrant colour
  6. Oh, that is a beautiful Kelly!

    Do you guys know, I've never even seen an Hermes bag in person but looking at everyone's photos is such a treat. I'll probably never be able to own one but they are such gorgeous, special bags - I totally get the mania!
  7. oh my god! she's adorable! congrats!
  8. She is BEAUTIFUL Arcangel!!!!!! I LOVE contrasting stitching! My Caramel Chevre Kellly has the same thing. White contrast stitching.

    What a GORGEOUS color and I love the brown!......
  9. Very pretty!
  10. Wow!!!!! She's gorgeous!!!! :yahoo:
  11. Gorgeous Kelly!! I love Vert Anis in togo!:love:
  12. Oh my goodness! That Kelly is perfect! Congrats to your sister.
  13. WOW!!!! She's GORGEOUS!
  14. What a gorgeous Kelly! I love the contrast stitching!
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