Introducing Miss Tweedy! :) My first/last piece of RTW.. what do you think? :)


aka Minal :)
Dec 7, 2006
The city that never sleeps!
Hi ladies! I stumbled (okay, stalked) ebay for a while looking for a reasonably priced Chanel jacket in a versatile color combination, and my persistence paid off... I hope! :smile: I really love the colors in the jacket I found (black, grey, light pink, white, beige), and the sparkly, sequin trim that goes around the pockets/lapel/sleeves is so pretty. :love: I was wondering if you think "Miss Tweedy" is a keeper? :smile: Does the size/style look okay on me? It just has one hook closure, by the way. I doubt very much I'll be adding another piece of RTW in the near future (or even distant future haha), unless I stumble upon the perfect jacket (I have a color combination floating around in my head) for a great price! :smile:

Anyway, I didn't really dress up, I just threw the jacket on over a tank I was wearing (took the hoodie off haha), and threw on some skinny black jeans and metallic grey peep-toes. I'd probably add a necklace or several layered ones and a reissue/flap! :smile:

I also recently purchased the matte black 227 reissue (so imagine I'm wearing that in my jacket modeling pic haha!)... NM randomly had the 227 (only one store got it in that size - 4 pieces total)... Miss DS went back, because as pretty as the bag was, it didn't quite work with my wardrobe. :smile: Okay, now I really will stop babbling... here are the pics (and one of the reissue)! :smile:

My reissue! :smile:

Thanks so much for letting me share!! :flowers:
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Dec 19, 2007
Bon Vivant
Wow, you found that on eBay? I just bought one from 2008 collection w/ full price :sweatdrop: and have to get the sleeves shortened...... .
Maybe I should look for one like you on eBay in the future!!!

May i ask what year is that from and how much?

Now you can carry the black matte w/ that tweed jacket.... You look very sexy in that Chanel jacket. ... It is a keeper!!:tup:


Mar 18, 2006
That jacket looks perfect on you - it's so cute!
Looks like a great versatile cut you can dress up or down.
I just read a great article on Chanel's tweed jacket on the latest issue of French Vogue, and I want one too! :smile:


Oct 21, 2006
Across Chanel Boutique
oooooo...aahhhhhhh.....its definitely a keeper...the size is perfect on you! plus the colour is sooo versatile you will get a lot of use out of it...i think you can definitely dress it up or down with this...

miss tweedy is such a great find!!!:love::love: luck you..
im still looking for the perfect tweedy for my wardrobe too!!!


Always on the hunt
Jan 18, 2007
*THUD* :faint:

OMG!!!! M, that is STUNNING and looks DROP DEAD GORGEOUS on you! :ps:

I mean it. It's PERFECT on you. And the colors... :love::girlsigh:

And that reissue! You went for it, eh? :P I love it! Congrats, girl!


Oct 13, 2007
WOW!!! Absolutely gorgeous! You are a lucky lucky gal - congratulations on both the tweed jacket and the reissue!!!


aka Minal :)
Dec 7, 2006
The city that never sleeps!
litlstrawberry - Hi! I did!! :smile: Ohhh, I bet the one you purchased is absolutely gorgeous! :smile: I've checked ebay a lot looking for the perfect jacket, and never found a thing haha... as soon as I saw this (after hesitating a bit because I've never spent four figures on one piece of clothing :sweatdrop:) I e-mailed the seller to see if she would consider doing a BIN! It's from the 04A collection, and I paid $1500. Haha, I can! I also have a pink caviar flap with silver h/w that would look pretty I think. :smile: I can't wait to see your jacket (love your style by the way... your thread is really great)! :heart:

jennified_ - Aww, thank you! :smile:

Aww, thanks miffy!! I think so too... I can pop it over a dark dress (charcoal grey, black, etc.) or make it more casual chic with dark jeans (which is probably how I'd wear it the majority of the time)! :smile: I've always lusted after a tweed jacket but the 4-5K price tag was a huge deterrent for me... I'm happy to have found one at a more reasonable price! :smile: I hope you find the perfect tweed jacket too! :smile:

kouki - Hi! Aww, thank you! :smile: I think so too... I'll be using Miss Tweedy a whole lot in the fall/winter! :smile: I hope you find your Miss Tweedy soon too!! :flowers:

Aww, thank you so much G, you're too sweet!! :cloud9: I LOVE the Carousel necklace on you, by the way... you have the cream of the crop there with that beauty and the incredible Paris Souvenirs one! :girlsigh: Haha, I wasn't going to, but after I returned the DS I almost passed out after seeing the matte black 227 (which was NOT supposed to be there!!)... so, I tried to resist (really!), but I failed miserably. :nuts:

Thank you LuvKitty and louis fanatic! :smile:

Hi R!! :smile: Thanks so much girl!! Hmm, well I didn't want to look matronly in it, and I guess the fact that I've never spent four figures on one piece of clothing (somehow bags seem exempt haha... I guess that's a Chanel addict for you!), sight unseen no less, freaked me out a little.

Aww, thanks so much bagmad73! :smile:


Aug 19, 2006
Gorgeous! Is the tweed jacket from 2004? The tweed has the same colour combination as my tweed flap. Congrats on both of them!


Jul 11, 2007
Chasing rainbows
Minal, that jacket looks so good on you. It probably would look matronly if the cut is boxy. But on you, it fits to a T and looks just hip and fab! I can already see how beautifully it will pair with other styles like short denim skirts etc. You scored big time, girl!