Introducing Miss Scarlett Mono Speedy 35 *pics*

  1. Please say hello to my first (and probably not last, well, at least for a while) LV. She was born in June of 2006 (0066) and since I don't know the exact date, to me she will be a Scorpio as she arrived in my loving hands on October 19, 2006. She was an easy delivery as I did not have to do any of the work this time...I left that up to eluxury and the Fed Ex driver, and both of them handled it well. :yahoo:

    She made her debut in her beautiful brown box that says Louis Vuitton on the outside and her pretty LV dust cover, which now have been put away in storage. She did not have any plastic on the handles and her lock was on her and the keys were in the lock.:heart:

    I have not taken my eyes off of her since she arrived and I've picked her up so many times and gazed adoringly at her. She is an investment piece for me, for sure! ;)

    I took a few pics, not the greatest, but she is my pride and joy and I have to say I was laughing as I took these because it truly IS as if she was my very own child! And since I live in Georgia and Gone With The Wind is another obsession of mine, it was only fitting that I christen her Scarlett! :yes:

    She will be very loved and cared for! I know everyone here can totally relate to this! Thanks for letting me share my new baby with you! :flowers:
    bagonvanity_1770.jpg insidebag_1771.jpg meandbag_1772.jpg
  2. I was expecting to see a red speedy! Looks great, I love the larger size of the 35. She's beautiful. Congrats!
  3. congratulations from what you have written you really seem to love ur bag.Am happy for you
  4. Congratulations!! The bag looks great on you!
  5. You're right! I did not catch that! I have changed the title! LOL I would love a red one! Maybe after my credit card has recoved from the "birth" of this one! ;)
  6. Congrats
  7. Congrats.
  8. oeps.. congrats on your baby. Take care of her!
  9. Congrats!! :biggrin:
  10. ooohhhh I wish I would have gotten the 35 instead of the 30...lov big slouchy bags...tres chic you also have the 25
  11. congrats..great bag...
  12. I just want to squeeze it, looks so soft!
  13. Very nice. I, too, wish I had a 35 instead of a 30! It even looks good with a bathrobe!
  14. Congrats ! :yes:
  15. Congratulations! Very cute introduction posting for her too! :smile: