Introducing Miss Pale Magenta Twiggy...Lots of Pics!!!

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  1. Miss Pale Magenta Twiggy came today!!! I have to start out by saying, I do like the color but I'm still not sure if it's me :shame:. I was really hoping for something with more lilac/purply undertones, something more similar to the 04 Lilac. The Pale Magenta really seems to have a lot more fuchsia than I had hoped. But still, it's a gorgeous color and she may end up being a keeper! I really love the twiggy style a lot - I think there will definitely be more of those in my life!! As far as the leather goes, while it is definitely dry - the handles in particular are drier and more wrinkled underneath than any I have ever felt - it is not as dry and veiny as I had feared. It is pretty distressed, and also fairly thick. The veins are actually fairly subtle, and not white at all.

    OK, here goes with the pictures!!

    Indoor lightening:

    Pale Magenta Twiggy_1.jpg Pale Magenta Twiggy_2.jpg Pale Magenta Twiggy_3.jpg

    with flash:

    Pale Magenta Twiggy_with flash.jpg
  2. Outdoor lighting - the best I could get in this lovely Ohio weather!!!

    Pale Magenta Twiggy_4.jpg Pale Magenta Twiggy_5.jpg Pale Magenta Twiggy_6.jpg

    Also, I noticed something with this bag that I thought was kind of unusual – I’ve never seen anything like this before. One of the rivets has the standard notches that we’re used to seeing on the post s/s 05 bags. The other three have notches, but they are very strange. I’m not sure that I was quite able to capture it, but instead of going straight in and curving at the end, they are perfect right angles at the end like little rectangles.

    Rivets_1.jpg Rivets_2.jpg
  3. Also, I'd probably have to say that this is the photo that best shows what the color looks like IRL:

    Pale Magenta Twiggy_1.jpg
  4. such a pretty color!!
  5. Wow!! Congrats!! I'm waiting for mine to arrive too ;)
  6. Congrats. :yahoo:I like the Twiggy in Magenta color. It is going to look awsome in S/S. :tup:Enjoy.:heart:
  7. Thanks for all the pix! Your leather looks so much better than mine when it came, the veins aren't white and it looks quite thick and chewy?
    Sorry can't help you out with the rivets, but I'm sure someone else can. :smile:
  8. She looks very pretty! CONGRATS on your new twiggy~~
  9. very very gorgeous, i love the colour, maybe the colour is not as what you expected but its definitely one of the prettiest shade of pink!!
  10. congrats!
    what a beautiful twiggy :tup:
    modeling pics pleeease ;)
  11. i loving this bag. congrats.
  12. CONGRATS!!! I LUVVVV the color!
  13. magenta in twiggy style is real cute:love:
  14. I love it! :love:

  15. Ooh, I love this ... love the twiggy in pale magenta! Congrats and enjoy!