Introducing Miss Alexa & myself + tips on strap length

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I normally don't like starting a new thread just to announce a new purchase of mine, but since I'm relatively new to the Mulberry thread, I thought I'd also take the opportunity to say "hi" and to thank all those who helped me decide to get the Alexa.

    I had to hunt high and low for one and, thanks to a lovely TPFer, managed to find one in stock at Harrods (which then shipped it to Singapore for me).

    So, without further ado, here's my regular Oak Alexa :yahoo:


    Close-up of the leather:


    She holds plenty. All my stuff doesn't even fill half of her.


  2. Now, the strap stuff. I know the strap length is an issue with most people - and it was for me. It was just WAY too long!!

    Here is the Alexa, on the shortest setting, based on the original holes punched in the strap (I am 5'3" - or 160cm - for reference):


    Here she is, worn cross-body:


    You can't loop the strap round twice, as some have suggested, as the brass lobster claw on the end of the strap is too large to fit into the loop:



    So, I punched a gazillion holes into the strap myself (about 12 or 15):


    And here's the Alexa, worn on a shorter setting:


  3. Welcome to Mulberry MichK!
    What a lovely bag you've picked for your first venture into Mulberry. Thanks for the photos - that was interesting to see.
    I'd have no problems punching holes in any bag of mine if it made it comfortable to wear. You've got to be able to use it!
    Hope you enjoy your Alexa!
  4. Thanks so much, lola!

    Actually, the Alexa isn't my first Mulberry... my first was a Chocolate and Oak Emmy which I adored in photos but drove me crazy when I started using it - it was just so fiddly. So, I stayed away from Mulberry for a while and have recently fallen in love with it again :biggrin:

    But am new to the Mulberry forum!
  5. MichK Congrats on your Alexa! It looks gorgeous on you but I agree the shorter strap length looks perfect.
  6. Gorgeous leather on your Alexa and it looks absolutely stunning on you. Thanks for posting such mega pics.

    If anyone does want to loop the strap through to double it up - the size of the lobster clasp isn't really a barrier to doing this. You unbuckle the strap midway to take the short end and its clasp off. You can then thread the end without the clasp through the metal loop on the bag. You then buckle the strap back up again and clip both clips to the same loop.

    I have done this as an experiment but never used the bag that way. I just punched extra holes like you did.
  7. Oh, DUH, I didn't think of this! Great tip, Jenova... and, thanks! Your threads on the Alexa were so incredibly helpful - they convinced me I needed one :biggrin: (And, ahem, I've been trained by the Bal forum to post large pics... sorry!)

    Thanks, Inem!
  8. Your Alexa is stunning. The leather is perfect.

    Thank you for taking some photos and sharing them with us. :smile:
  9. wow MichK you look stunning and your Alexa has gorgeous leather, congrats!!!! :yahoo:
    Don't apologise for large pics, we love large pics!!! :drool:
  10. Fab pics! Welcome!
  11. Welcome to the Mulberry Forum!

    Gorgeous bag Mich, I would do the same regarding punching extra holes in the strap if it meant it made the bag easier to use, Hope you adore her!! xx
  12. Love your Alexa. Looks amazing on you xx
  13. that alexa is gorgeous, i have found this so helpful, and welcome!
  14. Congrats on your Alexa! She looks gorgeous on you! Thanks for all the pics, they're very useful. :smile:
  15. Thanks, everyone :biggrin:

    This is a fun forum!