Introducing::: MASTIC in all her glory and comparison shot next to Sandstone! PICS

  1. Okay, Mastic has been severely underated. SHE IS GLORIOUS!!!!!!! This is such a gem, thanks to my favorite eBay seller, I won't name names, so that I don't "promote" and get busted, but you know who I'm talking about. This leather is so thick, chewy and PERFECT!!! I have never fell so in love w/ a bbag, EVER. And you know I have a few. I took these pics before DH went out of town AGAIN w/ my camera, so I'll have to post modeling pics when he gets back.

    BTW, she survived the movie, I covered her in my DD's blankie and held her on my lap. I still managed to be a total pig and eat my favorite thing, popcorn mixed w/ skittles.

    Here are the pics, the darker one is w/out flash.

  2. ALSO: the pics make it look more yellow than it actually is IRL.
  3. congrats! it's
    so pretty!!! the leather looks great, too!
  4. OMG, Shasta! You're killing me with your Mastic!!!!!!!!!! She's OUTSTANDING!!!!!!:drool::drool:
    I've been wanting to get Sandstone, but now I'm not sure anymore:p

    Is Mastic darker than Sandstone, or is it the other way around? Which color do you love more?

    I WANT!!!!!!!!!
  5. congrats! the leather looks soo yummy!
  6. yay she made it through the movie! =P how was ratatouille?
  7. I could easily own both b/c the colors are so different. I just love the mastic though and I can't keep both. I am a die hard for the rh city, I love the twiggy but my bank account tells me I have to choose. SO Mastic wins. I can see myself using this ALL the time and having that paranoid feeling that I feel usually feel about my bbags. I am so overprotective about something happening to them, but this will just get better w/ lots of wear! Hopefully.
  8. Ratatouille was good, but too long. Over 2 hours! My 4 year old fell asleep!
  9. That is one HOT bag girlie, :drool:and btw, I am right there with ya', but, my thing is popcorn mixed with milk duds!!! :popcorn: Congrats on the gorgous bag!!!! The HELL with bikini season, Bbags ALWAYS fit!!!!!!
  10. congrats and great choice! i love how warm mastic looks!:woohoo:
  11. LOL!! :roflmfao:
  12. congrats! another new bag! you're so lucky!
  13. congrats on your new bbag!!! The leather looks :drool: yummmyyy. too bad you cant keep both, they are both so pretty!!
  14. Congrats Shasta:yahoo: I think Mastic is your color not Sandstone.:tup:
  15. Wow! Shasta, what a great colour for you!