Introducing Mama Croissant and Baby...

  1. Hi Everyone!

    I am finally presenting my beloved Croissant GM with her baby Pochette Croissant! :heart: I'm sure you all remember all of my authenticity questions...but I now feel 100% sure about this bag...thank you to all of you ladies who have helped me out! I know I was a little camera happy...but I just wanted to share with you all and give you a glimpse of what she looks like!:yahoo:

    I really love this bag! It's a BIG bag...but has a wonderful slouch when I wear it...and has just the right amount of structure and room:P I don't think I even need to get the Tulum GM anymore! So here she is everyone with her baby!!!:flowers:

    DSC04075rrr.jpg DSC04081rrr.jpg DSC04080rr.jpg DSC04057rr.jpg DSC04068rr.jpg
  2. more shots...
    DSC04060rr.jpg DSC04063rrr.jpg DSC04064rrr.jpg DSC04066rrr.jpg DSC04067rrr.jpg
  3. and visual aides!!
    DSC04070rr.jpg DSC04074r.jpg DSC04073r.jpg DSC04052r.jpg DSC04051r.jpg
  4. OMG - it's gorgeous on you :love: Enjoy it and wear it in good health. Just beautiful:heart:

    I had my eyes on a GM Croissant on Ebay but I just won a BH so maybe next time (After about 1 year of me eating Hamburgher Helper and Chef Boyardee :roflmfao: to save enough $$)
  5. OMG those are tooo freakin' cute ajames:wlae:
    Ok and I also hate you for looking amazing in your modeling pics:graucho:
  6. So gorgeous! Congrats!
  7. OMG!!!:nuts: I have NEVER seen GM model on anyone!!! It looks ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!! And mama/baby pic is SO CUTE!!!:love:
  8. Looks super.....
  9. I didn't realize the GM was that big! :nuts: they both look GREAT! CONGRATS!
  10. thank you hirondelle!! I hope you can get's an exquisite just takes lots of patience and searching on ebay! I too am sacrificing a lot of things to support my bag fund...(ie diet of ramen, pbj sandwiches, mac and cheese etc...!!)

    and congrats on your BH:yes: ...I would love to have one of those!!
  11. Congrats.
  12. i love it!!! so slouchy! congrats! :love:
  13. THANK YOU everyone!!!:tender:
  14. Awwww the two Croissants look so cute together!!!

    Congrats Jamie, the bag looks great on you!!
  15. Hehe.. they're a little family, congrats !