Introducing... Luella the YorkiePoo

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  1. This is my little baby. She's eleven weeks old and half Yorkie, half poodle. She's tiny, but crazy and I love her :heart:
    Luella.jpg LuellaFendi.jpg LuPood.jpg
  2. Hi Luella! Welcome to tPF! You're adorable (and I love your Spy!)
  3. Aww thanks! :smile:
  4. Aww Luella is so cute!
    How is she getting on with the other dogs you have mentioned in your signature?
  5. What a cutie-pie!!!
  6. Luella reminds me of my 1st doggie. He was a black poodle lhasa apso mix. She precious!
  7. Soooo cute:smile:
  8. aww so cute!! i have a 5 lb poodle and a pit bull and they get along great don't worry!

    My poodle actually gets snippy with my pit!! LOL and he is honestly scared of her!! she was here first is the only thing i can thing of!!

  9. Awwww so cute!
  10. also reminds me of my childhood dog--a poodle/longhaired dachshund mix--very sweet dog!
  11. Adorable!!
  12. So cute!!! Love the bag :smile:
  13. How cute is Luella?! Wow, she is just precious!
  14. So cute ^-^!
  15. Yeah... they all get along really well. It's pretty funny the size difference between each of them! But they're all lovers and would like nothing more than to sit in your lap... even the 120 pound Mastiff!