introducing little miss vintage b-bag clutch

  1. welp, it's been a long time since i've posted a thread about one of my babies :smile:...but this one is so beautiful & unique, that i had to share her with you (she was an e-bay find from last week), without further adieu, here's little miss vintage b-bag clutch :cutesy:
    DSCF4555 REV.jpg DSCF4568 REV.jpg DSCF4614 REV.jpg
  2. aaa so beautiful!!!:heart: I love vintage bags. I scour ebay for them too when I have the time. This was a very nice find. Congratulations!
  3. so cute!...Is this really old or its it a flat brass era bag?
  4. Wow, so elegant! I love it!
  5. Ah that is soo nice! Congrats AAA what a great find!! :heart:
  6. o0o0o0o beautiful bama!!! I love this clutch! gorgeous! I wonder when it was from?!?
  7. awe, thanks so much for the compliments everyone :tender:...i've actually got no idea about the history of the bag & was hoping someone here might know (?) :shrugs:...i've never seen one before, but all i know is that it's beautiful & unique & i love it :heart:
  8. ^^ I've never seen one before either AAA, sorry I can't help. But it is definitely unique & beautiful for sure!
  9. Love unique bags. this one's elegant and a little surprising. too cool.
  10. She's BEAUTIFUL bama! I'm a vintage junkie too! Congratulations love!
  11. Congrats ~~IT is so unique ~~If you happened to find other clutch let me know :love:
  12. wow!! thats a beauty!! enjoy her!!

    the lady with no clutches.. now has...2??:smile: :smile:
  13. ^^ lol, alot can happen in a day :busted
  14. It's so chic!! And most definitely unique, a great treasure, Congratulations!
  15. so gorgeous! :heart: