Introducing Little Miss aaa, in honor of aaalabama...

  1. Here she is, finally. After all the pain aaalabama and I went to get her. She is so soft and smooshy that she collapses unless stuffed. In the pics, she is full of stuffing so she can stand up proudly and show her thick matte leather off to you guys.
    Thanks so much aaalabama for finding her for me. :love:
    black city front 10.jpg black city close 12.jpg black city back 11.jpg black city down 13.jpg
  2. wow! congrats on your city it's beautiful!! where did you get her if you don't mind my asking?
  3. gorgeous!! great job aaalll!!!
  4. Congrats! Love the leather on it!
  5. :love: Aaalabama saw her at Barneys NYC, and put her on hold for me. I had it charge sent. Isn't she so beautiful?? :love:
  6. Beautiful! Enjoy her!
  7. woooooooooooo-whoooooooooooo!!! :yahoo::wlae::choochoo:...hip, hip, hooooooooooooooooray for ocgirl & her new black city!!!...she's such a little beauty!!!

    p.s. you're so sweet to name her after me :shame:
  8. OC- that is seriously one of the best Bbags I've ever ever ever seen! Congrats!:love: Tell Miss aaa to always stand tall and proud!:lol:
  9. congrats on lil ms aaa!:love:
  10. I am SOOOOOOOOO jealous....... that bag is gorgeous...that's exactly the leather I'm looking for

    I would trade my DH for that bag :girlsigh: .

    Congrats on getting such a great one...and aaa - how sweet are you :smile:
  11. Nice work, aaa!!!!! ocgirl, that's one beautiful black city! CONGRATS :yahoo:
  12. Team B-Bag = ocgirl and aaa :nuts:

    woo hoo!!!! i'm so glad you got your beautiful CITY black!!! so yummy looking!!! congrats and thanks for sharing pics with us!
  13. congrats!!!
  14. Gorgeous! And what a sweet story!!!
  15. Congrats, she's a beauty!