Introducing Inkypinky!

  1. I guess I'm officially addicted now. Two weeks ago I had zero Balenciagas, and now I have two Citys! :yahoo: Inky 06 is on the left, and that's Pinky 05 on the right. Now I know why people get all excited about 05 leather - Inky is soft and smooth, but Pinky's leather is incredible! I can't stop touching it.
    Awwww...I think they like each other! :love:

    Now my only question is...what color is next?
  2. Great bags! Now you have to get a mini so you can call it "dinky!"
  3. Gorgeous bags! I love both colors and they striking next to each other. Congratulations!
  4. LOL! That's perfect!:lol:

    Hopefully, I will never have one named "stinky"...
  5. wow i can tell from the photo the BG looks very soft. very nice choices. So what's next?
  6. I'm thinking maybe a Classique in some fabulous color. I saw a gorgeous metallic magenta one recently, but that might be pink overload!
  7. I love metallics and in a small size like a classique is very glam.
  8. sweet!
  9. OMG, I love your INKY and i have been waiting for one forever.:crybaby: They are both gorgeous.:yahoo:
  10. Haha love Inky and Pinky!!!
    now does Slinky need an Inky? methinks she might...
  11. Slinky should have an inky! I have one too and it such a versatile color Great bags HC!
  12. Ohh Lucky!!! Where did you find that beautiful BG City!!! They both are beautiful bags congrats!!
  13. Yay!!! I loved how you named them!!
  14. GORGEOUS BBAGS!!!!!!!! They look so good together!!!!!! I think a first in a bright color would be hot!!!!! How about magenta?
  15. beautiful contrast! welcome to ink club!
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