Introducing George Marsiaj Herzig, EVA HERZIGOVA'S SON

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  1. Model Eva Herzigova, 34, and her boyfriend Gregorio Marsiaj introduce their son George, 7 weeks, in the latest issue of German magazine Bunte. After his birth on June 1st in Paris, Eva and Gregorio have been enjoying their first weeks of parenthood vacationing with their son.


    evaherzigovaa4_cbb.jpg evaherzigovabb6_cbb.jpg evaherzigovadi7_cbb.jpg
  2. [​IMG]
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    evaherzigovavv3_cbb_2.jpg evaherzigovaw2_cbb.jpg evaherzigovawq8_cbb.jpg
  4. What a cute family! Eva looks gorgeous, she's really glowing.
    Thanks for sharing!
  5. She's very beautiful and very happy on these pictures.
  6. Ah, it seems like just yesterday she was married to Bon Jovi's drummer...
  7. Hot mamma!! What a gorgeous family.
  8. She looks lovely! I'll have to check it out the next time I'm at the grocery store. The pictures of her breastfeeding are lovely
  9. And she could be pregnant for 10 years? My pregnancy was nice, but I wouldn't want to be pregnant for 10 years!! :wtf:
  10. She looks so happy. Lovely photos.
  11. He is precious!!!:tender:
  12. He is so cute and what a beautiful family! She is gleaming!
  13. she looks wow! the one pic reminds me of the wonderbra ad - she is back to those days with her figure.

    they are a very cute family!
  14. She is just glowing, congrats!
  15. Gosh, she's just stunning, isn't she?