Introducing.... Ergo Laced Satchel in PUTTY!

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  1. Gorgeous! I think she looks very feminine and pretty with that lacing. :tup: Congrats!
  2. I love the color and the details on this bag!!! Very beautiful!!!! Great choice!
  3. Love that!! What's the style # and price???
  4. OmG, I adore it!!!!!! The charm!!! I personally love the lining! Gives it a fun pop of color!
  5. It's #12725, I found it off the Japan website.
    Retail $498 but I was able to use PCE
  6. Thanks!
    Sorry - another question - does it seem like there will be color transfer issues??
  7. I don't know about transfer.

    This is my first light-colored bag.
  8. Ok - thanks!!
    It is soo pretty!!!
  9. she's the lining...!
  10. wow!!! that looks pretty!! it has a shimmer too it too doesn't it??
  11. I was not really feeling this style of bag, I love this one though, the color, the lining, the lacing. :love::tup:
  12. Very pretty. Love the lace detail and the charm is cute.
  13. That's such a pretty bag! Congrats!!
  14. Beautiful bag!! I think the lilac goes well with the purse.
  15. So, so pretty. I personally really like the lining with the putty color. And I love the little charm, too. Enjoy! You made a great choice.