Introducing.... Ergo Laced Satchel in PUTTY!

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  1. Yay!

    I LOVE her. The leather on this one is a lot smoother than my black one. The charm is so darn cute.

    The only down side? The inside is lavender instead of the yummy tattersall.


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  2. Its very pretty! That is so disappointing its not tattersall lining! So is it a off white?
  3. That is pretty, I wish they kept the tattersall lining.
  4. Just what I was about to ask Tnc! Is the color like an eggshell?
  5. Love it but did you order through JAX or your local boutique?
  6. I love the details.
  7. The color is pretty!! I wasn't feeling it on the website, it is much nicer!
  8. That's gorgeous! :drool:

    Congrats & enjoy :tup:
  9. i love that, and honestly i tihnk that with the tattersall lining would have been too blah and would have kinda just smooshed toghether
  10. It's darker than off white.
    It's more like a beigey color.

    My SA ordered it from JAX.

    They are so good to me at this boutique. They will literally call me to tell me something is available for order and handle everything through the phone.

    I *heart* my Coach boutique.
  11. I love the details! That is so darn cute! Congrats!
  12. I think it's beautiful, and I love the lilac lining!
  13. I can almost feel that supple leather through my laptop screen...congrats!
  14. Love it! Really nice color! I thought they were going to release the laced ones with the zebra striped lining....:shrugs: Still gorgeous! Enjoy!
  15. Now that's hot!