1. Hello all! I can now officially make use of the Animalicious forum since Diggy came into my life last week :love:

    He's a 3 month old Coton de Tulear. I took some pics of him w/my bbags which I posted on the Bbag forum as well. I also included one where he was just 8 weeks old! he's turning 14 weeks this saturday, boy has he grown!

    He's practically my first dog so I'll need all the help I could get when I need it from you wonderful PF'ers! Thanks for letting me share!
    CIMG2980.JPG CIMG2981.JPG CIMG2955.JPG CIMG2976.JPG IMG_0026.jpg
  2. What a cutie! Congratulations!
  3. He's a cutie pie!
  4. What a cutey...
  5. Oh that little dog is just way too cute!
  6. Awww, congratulations on the new addition to your family.
  7. He's adorable! Congrats!
  8. Gorgeous puppy. Cotons are wonderful and perfect first dogs. I'm considering getting a second one. Congratulations!
  9. As I said in the Balenciaga forum, Diggy is precious! He really looks like a stuffed animal. I got my first dog a year ago, so I know that puppyhood can be pretty crazy for a first time dog owner. Congrats!
  10. that face is DELICIOUS! awwww :smile: congrats!!
  11. Diggy is divine! :heart:

    I haven't heard of that breed before, is it known as anything else (in the UK for example)?

    Have fun with him.
  12. Thanks everyone for your kind words! Diggy barks a "thanks" too! hehe!

    Actually, the Coton is very known in Europe. They originate from a city called Tulear (or Toliara, I think) which is in Madagascar. Coton de Tulear (French) = Cotton of Tulear.

    From what I know, they are only known as what they are called. A lot of people just say "coton dogs". They're a rare breed..they came to the US in the 70's. They are widely more known in Europe. :love:
  13. You know what..I KNEW your dog was a Coton when I came across your avatar before!! I love yours!!! A girl or boy? Your dog's hair is the BEST!!! Their coat really just made me fall head over heels for them. I'm so glad there are some Coton owners on TPF, especially since it's not a widely known breed!

  14. She's a girl, Dahlia. It's nice to see another Coton person! I'm always asked what she is. Not only the personality and coat, but less chances of health issues due to the breed being a rare one. I try to tie her hair up so she can see, but she's like a little wartank and she ends up removing any bands or clips. I have a chance on getting another white or tri colored male, and am thinking of one with the colors of Diggy since Dahlia's all white, although some pups can lose their color as they grow. He's so cute!
  15. beautiful