Introducing Diesel...

  1. Our adorable 7 week pug.
    After months of calling breeders and getting the same response..."sorry, all the pups are spoken for" I was starting to think we would never have a pug to call ours...until a few days ago!
    He is our first family pet and we are just besotted by him. I cannot believe how quickly he & my children bonded. We drove over 2 hours to meet him and his parents and it was instant love...9 more sleeps til he is home!!!!!
    image-3830412272.jpg image-792446844.jpg
  2. Oh look at that face! He is adorable.
  3. Thank you clevercat! He is just so adorable and has the cheekiest personality :smile:
  4. Soooooo cute!!!
  5. He is beautiful! Your family is blessed with a pudgy angel :smile:
  6. Your pup is very cute and adorable! He has such a cute and sweet face ; )
  7. Soooooo precious! Congratulations.
  8. Thank you for your kind words Buzzytoes, Chloe_chick999, sadiesthegirl & gazoo.
    We are truly blessed...
    Any tips on toilet training would be appreciated and opinions on crating v non crating...i you tubed last night and although it's apparently a good way of training seems a lil harsh to me...
  9. He is adorable! The secret to potty training is to never let them have a chance to have an accident. I used to tether the the dog to me with his leash and crate when I wasn't home or couldn't watch him. The second tip is routine. Get him used to eating at a certain time and going potty at certain times and stick to it as much as possible. Potty training isn't forever and the crate is not a punishment. Use it as a tool and it does work well. Good luck!
  10. What a love!
  11. Too cute!
  12. Thank you Cindi :flowers: I've given birth to 6 children and cruised through the baby stages but i'm scared to death of bringing this lil fella home lol
    Having him tethered to me is not going to be a problem at all!

    I will be purchasing his crate tomorrow so thats its ready as soon as he is home with us. "Routine" makes perfect sense, i am open to all suggestions and heres hoping he wont give me a hard time.
    Thanks again x
  13. Thank you dusty paws & poopsie2 :cloud9:
  14. Oh so adorable!
  15. congrats, what a cutie!

    i agree, early potty training with a crate and tether is effective if enforced early and routinely. it sounds harsh but unless you or a family member is able to supervise your pup 24/7, it will save you a lot of heartache and stress. good luck.