Introducing dh to LV

  1. I want to get something luxurious for dh, maybe for Valentine's Day. I couldn't decide for Christmas, so I opted not to get LV and I need help. He's a pretty stylish guy and does own TR jeans, but no LV, Gucci, etc. I gave him his first Movado for his bday in August. I know he might think that designer labels may look a little pretentious, but I want him to have a nice accessory. I'm thinking monogram canvas might be a no-no. Can I please have some suggestions? TIA!
  2. How about either a wallet? Or even a key holder?
  3. A belt would be so hot, (not monogram) something like the Utah Inventeur belt:love: or the black belt with gold initials.
  4. Sunglasses, maybe? Or how about a scarf? So far my DH thinks I'm only interested in getting LVs for me ... but I'm actually planning on starting him with one of those two.
  5. Sounds like he's not into perhaps something like an epi or taiga small accessory piece would be a great way to "introduce" him to LV.....
  6. I know most men don't wear them often and this is such a cliche, but what about a tie? My husband loves to have a really classy tie to go with his suits for weddings and whatever else. Other than that, choose a subtle leather like Nomade or Utah for a wallet.
  7. A wallet in either Tagia, Epi, Nomade, or Utah would be a wonderful gift that he will use for many years.
  8. I pretty much agree with the previous posters. I think a wallet or key holder in a subtle material (Damier, Epi, Taiga, Nomade, or Utah) would be a great idea. I bought DBF his first Louis (Damier Brazza wallet) and he loves it. He's addicted now.
  9. Good suggestions:
    -Taiga Bookfold wallet
    -Taiga belt
    -A low-key tie
    -Damier Pocket Agenda
  10. I agree! Good call!
  11. I bought DH Nomade wallet and agenda, he seems liking them :p
  12. I bought my husband a wallet from the Taiga line for Christmas it he loved it and it was the first LV I introduced to him

  13. Hey Soror!
    The Inventeur Utah belt and the Taiga wallet are great options. :love: Does he wear sunglasses? I would even consider sunglasses. Thats how I introduced my husband to designer labels.
  14. Thanks guys for all the fab ideas. I'm going to look into all of them. I was thinking narrowly, and only a wallet came to mind. I'm still going to look into a wallet, but I never even thought of a belt, an agenda or sunglasses! I guess my brain was switched to 'off.' lol
  15. I just bought my DH a brown Taiga wallet for Christmas and he loves it. It's very suttle and so classy. Also, from what I've read of the Taiga line is that it's very durable for men. Let us know what you decide.