INTRODUCING: Daisy...our new little Girl~

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  1. I would like to introduce you to our new little addition to our family!!!

    We just picked her up today...and we've named her Daisy.

    We have owned Shelties all our lives..and this is the smallest little Sheltie I've ever seen! She's so precious...and is gonna get so spoiled no doubt...

    so......may I proudly present:

    Miss "Daisy"....
    daisy1.jpg daisy2.jpg daisy4.jpg daisynken1.jpg daisynken3.jpg
  2. Oh my gosh, she's so tiny and precious.
  3. OH MY GOD, she is itty bitty!!!
  4. OMG, she's the cutest little thing EVER! :love: Wow, now I really want a sheltie ... :love:
  5. she's sooo cute!! shelties are such cute and smart dogs!!
  6. She is so darling!! congratulations :smile:
  7. OMG!! she's sooo unbelievably cute!! little cutie pie. :smile:
  8. OH my.. she's a cutie!!!!
  9. :nuts:
  10. She is sooooo cute!
  11. OMG she is so cute she doesn't even look real!!!!

    Enjoy her sweet little puppy breath!!!

    Congrats! :smile:
  12. hehehe...yes..I love her puppy breath! :heart: :heart: :heart:

    She had a wonderful night lastnight..I was ready for a night of cries and restlessness...but she snuggled in real tight right inbetween the DH and I.:yahoo:
  13. ^^^I absolutely love puppy breath! Enjoy it while you can!

    CONGRATULATIONS--your baby is adorable!!!
  14. Congrats, she's so adorable. I want one. :love:
  15. aw, congrats!!