Introducing Chodessa's Paddies!!

  1. I am proud to introduce my Paddy collection!!
    I just received the mastic small pocket....
    The other is a medium aubergine ......
    They look better IRL....I'm new to this photographing and posting stuff....
    What do you think?
    white chloe.jpg
  2. Sorry, that pic is so small...hopefully this one is a little I said, I'm trying to get the hang of this!!
  3. Beautiful!!! Great collection!!
  4. LOVE them both! Great choices!!!
  5. Great collection!!! Thank you for sharing with us!
  6. very nice!!!
  7. Great looking bags you got there.
  8. bee-yoo-tee-ful! :drool:
  9. very pretty! esp love the white one!
  10. Welcome to the mult-Paddy club and the posting pics, too! LOL
  11. cool contrast!!
  12. love them, you have covered every season there with the choice of 2 that you made. Lovely lovely!! :biggrin:
  13. Love them! So pretty, I love the mastic, I am eyeing that color on eBay right now!
    To post pictures instead of links you can upload your photos to an imaging hosting site (I love photobucket) and then copy and paste the link that starts with [​IMG]
  14. Really beautiful , I love the aubergine and also the mastic but I do prefer the med size.
  15. Thanks for sharing your beautiful collection! Two excellent choices! Love love LOVE the paddy in aubergine:love: