Introducing chihuhua to three cats?

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  1. I'm moving in with 3 people and they have 3 cats! How would I go about bringing in my chihuahua?! I'm scared they're going to rip his eyes out!
  2. Maybe introduce him to the cats one by one? Monitor them closely, so you can tell if either your Chi or the cat is getting upset?

    Then gradually let your Chi hang with all 3 of them.

    I would keep a squirt bottle filled with water on hand, in case there are any squabbles.
  3. Slow introductions are best. I would start by bringing something to the cats with his smell to get used to and vice-versa. Let them spend a little time around each other while you are there for starters. Cats tend to get scared when dogs get excited, so try to keep the dog calm and praise it for staying calm and not chasing the kitties. Squirt bottles are great deterrents if the cats do get mean. It is also important that the kitties have some "safe" areas that they can retreat to if they are feeling threatened by the dog. Normally if they can jump on a couch or counter where the dog can't get, they feel safe and less threatened. It is also usually a good idea to put the cat food on the counter or up off the ground somehow so that they can eat without feeling threatened and to keep the dog out of the cat food. Cats are usually too picky to eat dog food, but most dogs are more than happy to chow down on the cat food.
  4. Here are sites with some advice:


    If it is anything like what I went through for my cats... keep the dog separated if the cats are already the current residents of wherever you're moving. Introductions need to be short and supervised. If there is swatting from the cats, that is OK, but if it gets anything more violent, then you need to separate them and be done for the day... it can really stress cats out. But it also just depends on the cats and the dogs. I know stories of it working and I know stories of people needing to keep their pets on different floors of the house because it didn't work. But I think that it is the same for introductions of same and different species, just depends on the individual animals.
  5. It can definitely work out if you take it slow. My dad's girlfriend moved in our house and she has a cat, and I had my toy poodle. At first, my dog would bark at the cat, and the cat hid under all the beds/couchs/etc. for the first 2 weeks, but now theyre best friends! They play together all the time, I should take some pics it is soo cute! Just go about the introduction slowly and make sure everyone is comfortable, and it should work out