Introducing...Brandy!!! And should I keep her??

  1. I got my Whiskey Legacy Leather Shoulder Bag that I bought on eBay...and I adore this bag!!! The color is amazing and the style is beautiful!!
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. She's gorgeous...why wouldn't you keep her??
  3. wasn't exactly as described. The seller listed it as "Gently used...excellent condition...there are no pen marks or spots inside or outside...scratches above the back pocket." WELL...the legacy lining on the open flap pocket was DIRTY (which I was able to clean with baby wipes), there is a small snag in the legacy lining in the back pocket (not a big deal), the scratches in the back that the seller disclosed were easily blended in with AppleGuard...BUT the corners of the bag are so worn! I about cried when I first opened it. Then I thought I'd take it home and try to AppleGuard it and see if it helped...well it did a bit, but it is still noticeable (see pics for before/ was hard to get the wear to show up). It is in otherwise great condition. question, is it worth the bargain price of $250 or would you return it and pay $350 next PCE? I will have this bag either way b/c I love the style SO MUCH. Argh. I don't think I'll ever buy a non-NWT bag off eBay again!

    BEFORE using AppleGuard:

    AFTER Using AppleGuard:

  4. You're too quick, Voodoo!!! I was trying to snip the picures into my dillema part...I'm so frustrated and torn about what to do. Am I just being too picky??? I can't tell if my black bag is doing this b/c the black color hides it all. Is this common in whiskey? I baby my bags so I'm not sure if this is natual wear of it the prior owner was rough on the bag...
  5. I think it looks great. I say its a keeper!
  6. Honestly it looks a lot better after the appleguard, but if it is pretty worn then I would contact the seller and return it. I just sold this exact bag for $249 and it did have a couple of light stains on the lining (that I did not try to get out) but otherwise the bag was MINT condition. I hate it when sellers misrepresent items.. that has happened to me lately more and more. :tdown: It's just up to you and what you feel comfortable with. It is a beautiful bag though! :yes:
  7. I should've just bought YOUR bag fields! Then I wouldn't KNOWN it was babied!!! I think that's the worst part...I wonder how she took care of my new baby. Did she abuse her?! Maybe I should keep the little orphan and finally show her how a real mommy loves her baby. (Okay, I need to lay off the caffeine!!)
  8. If it is going to bother you, I would ask for the refund and wait for the next PCE to order a brand new one. I tend to baby my bags as well, so I would probably rather get the new one.
  9. I think if it is really going to bug you then you should return it. I baby my bags too and I have never had that problem.
  10. Honestly, It looks so much better after the appleguard, but I personally would still feel iffy about the bag. That's a lot of $ for a used bag and I would expect it to be in better condition. I say if you can live with it then keep it, but if not-if it bothers you in the least-please return it. You will not enjoy carrying it.
    I have bought too many used bags and end up just returning/selling and buying new because I just cannot stand the idea of having someone else's well loved purse.
  11. I can't tell there is any wear in the after picture. I think the bag is gorgeous and you should keep her! Would you be willing to post a picture modeled and with everything you can fit in it. Thanks!
  12. Well I don't even drink caffeine and I need to lay off something!!! :upsidedown: I really think it's a beautiful bag and you got a good price.. but you paid that price based on what the seller told you, not what you got.. and that is a bummer :tdown: I would atleast contact the seller.. you never know what they may come up with. It is a beautiful bag and if you are okay with it, keep it! :yes:
  13. Sweetie, you did such a great job yer 'after' pic looks like a new bag!!! I think you should keep her! :tup:
  14. Can you see if you can get a partial refund like $50 or $60 ?
  15. ^^That's a good suggestion! Maybe I'll try that first...