Introducing: Blue Saint

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  1. I knew it's been time for a more unisex skin for tPF that was going to appeal the male crowd on here. Less pink, more clean.

    Now introducing the Blue Saint skin. Select it in the usual skin selector in the bottom left corner of your screen. It will still undergo tweaks, just wanted to put it up asap. :cool:
  2. ^ I'm not a guy but I think it's cool.:yes: Actually, I like it the best. It has a great look to it.
  3. It may also improve the experience for those who want to access tPF via their mobile device. Try it out.
  4. ^ Do you think you can make it in red. That would be fresh!:yes:
  5. very cool....
  6. I'm used to the pink, but the blue is cool.
  7. I love it! powering up the SKIII now to see if it works, will let you know.
  8. Yahoo!! It works with SKIII! I love it! Thanks Vlad!

  9. Oooh! you have an SKIII too? don't you just love it? Do you have the built in GPS on it? I never get lost anymore!:yahoo:

    The new skin works great on the SKIII...thanks Vlad
  10. You know, I notice that the sticky area is shaded, rather than a line spllitting, I like that much better, sometimes, if the stickys are divided, it is so easy to gloss over them. This way you actually notice if something new is in the thread
  11. No, no built is GPS, I don't think available in the US...but I did just get a GPS for mother's day & I love it!...sorry for the OT Vlad...

    Really love the new skin!
  12. twinkle:smile:

    I like that the new skin has the option on the top left corner to jump to first unread post!:yahoo:
  13. Oooh! Pretty!!

    And just in time too, cos I'm off to Phuket for a couple of days, and the only access I'll have to tPF is the bf's BB. I hope this new skin will work fab on it, so I won't suffer withdrawal when I'm away.

    Thanks Vlad!! :flowers:
  14. OMG!!! Thank you, I didn't see that!!! I am going to love that!
  15. Cool! It's a nice break from the purple- never really got into the spring one.