introducing annie!!!

  1. the recent loss of my beloved jeter left a hole in our critter family, and while i still miss him terribly i always like to balance grief with joy and give another deserving animal a home.

    so without further ado, from a high-kill shelter in WV via rogers rescues in PA/NJ, here's annie -- a sweet little labrador about 3 yrs old. i :heart: her already. :yes: doesn't she have the most soulful eyes??

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. awww shes a cutie!!! :heart:
  3. Annie is adorable.
  4. aww bless your heart, she sure does. :smile:
  5. GORGEOUS!!!

    Congrats, congrats!!

    And thanks for saving such a special life :smile:
  6. Aww, cute! I used to have a bassett hound named Annabelle Lee, we called her Annie.
  7. thanks everyone! annie sends you smooches.

    loriB, we actually have been calling her annabelle, too! she came with the name 'antigone' and the nickname 'annie,' but tragic greek heroines make me sad and so we dropped it . . . and 'annie' has just been morphing into 'annabelle' on occasion.
  8. I am a huge fan of Edgar Allan Poe, so that is where mine came from. I spoke so much baby talk to her (as I do all my pets) and half the time I sang to her "Annabelle Wee, hers a wittle baby, wee wee wee, miss annabelle wee!"

    I also had a male basset named Rambeau (droopy eyes, stallone, get it?) and I called him Rambie and had a bunch of stupid songs I sang to him too.

    I'm lucky my pets aren't brain damaged from my songs! *LOL*

    Yeah, I know, I'm pitiful.

  9. Awwwwwe, annabelle is such a cute name. I would def. call her that too.
  10. Oh, she's a cute one, that's for sure! Thank you for rescuing her. Aren't the people that volunteer and help with the care of these needy pets angels from heaven? I never cease to be amazed and grateful for all they do so that we can adopt a furry bundle that might not otherwise have a chance.

    I wish you and Annie a lifetime of happiness!
  11. WONDERFUL!!!! Congrats!!! Hug her for me!
  12. She's adorable! Congrats!
  13. Annie is so cute !
  14. annie is so adorable.
  15. Arf!!!