Introducing - Anjou Reversible Tote

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  1. Hopefully. ;)

    I can already see luggage tags in all the colours of Goyard with initials waiting to light up the world wherever they're spotted. :graucho: :cool:
  2. Called the store in Paris and got the pricing, it's ~1900 for black and ~2200 for special colors

  3. Is that in U.S. Dollars?
  4. No, I called the Paris store. Price they quote is always in Euro
  5. So I'm guessing the U.S. price will be around $2500

  6. Yes.

    I've been thinking about this bag and wondering if I should stick with the St. Louis. I wouldn't want to put my keys or anything in the bag that would scratch it or make marks when it is turned with that side out....

  7. I agree, weight would also be an issue. I like the St. Louis because it's foldable and almost weightless.
  8. The difference between black and special colors is always 30%. So the black is less or the special colors are more...
  9. I would stick with the St. Louis. The Goyardine canvas rubs off quite easily. I actually think the print would fade within a couple of months of carrying it reversed. :smile:

  10. That's what I would be afraid of as well as scratching the leather side even with my keys or a pen.....

  11. Possible, this is what I was told and thought I'd share since so many were curious.
  12. Is that for the PM or GM? :-s

  13. Ahhhhh, great question!
  14. I hope that it is ok to relay info from the Bagaholicboy website: PM price is 1650 euros (2145 euros for special colors) and the GM price is 1950 euros (2535 euros for special colors). Hope this helps!
  15. Very helpful! Thanks. :biggrin:
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