Introducing - Anjou Reversible Tote

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  1. Definitely love this...hope price isn't too much more than st louis but......:shrugs:
  2. I think it's going to be a substantial price difference (much like when the new Neverfull came with the pouch), considering the luggage tag and the leather used.
  3. Im guessing more than double, is a lot of leather...
  4. I am obsessed with this bag! Can't stop thinking about it, it's gorgeous!

    And it's in two sizes! ;o
  5. I'm guessing the price will be in the €1500-€1700 range.
  6. Is it me or do the black and red one look like grained calfskin leather and the other ones like lambskin or another smooth leather?
  7. #22 Jul 10, 2015
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2015
    I noticed it too as I was screencapping. I think it's a very small grain and maybe the photo editing process showed more texture in some colours than others. It would be interesting if Goyard really did go with different leathers but it seems complicated enough with deciding which colour to choose.

    Additional info from Facebook:

    - HK should expect these bags in the fall
    - Complimentary initials on the tag
    - Same dimensions as St. Louis.
  8. WOW!! I wasn't really a fan of the St. Louis tote but this is really nice!!! So one side is leather and the other side is the Goyard canvas? That sounds AMAZING!!!!
  9. Hmm...I just picked up my first st louis today but wonder if I should wait for this instead!!
  10. Response from Goyard on Facebook:
    "The leather used is indeed slightly grainy: it's a kind of specially treated and cut calf leather that's both incredibly soft to the touch and supple."
  11. Thanks for the info! Sounds like lovely leather! :loveeyes:
  12. Would love to know if the luggage tags can be bought seperately. Would be cool to decorate my bags with a tag with initials.
  13. Response from Goyard:

    "The tag is complimentary, and comes with the Anjou. However it is possible to buy it, but only as an addition to the purhcase of a Goyard bag/piece of luggage/Trunk. It is not to be purchased on its own."

    Why did they never tell any of us earlier, lol. :lol:
  14. Looks great! I hope it's not too expensive! :nuts:
  15. Thanks!

    Aaaah, indeed! Wished they told us. Maybe a receipt of previous purchase is enough? Hopefully. :P