Introducing Alexander Pete Schreiber

  1. Alexander Pete Schreiber, 2 weeks, makes his official public debut earlier today as actor parents Naomi Watts, 38, and Liev Schreiber, 39, tote him along on a trip to the post office.

    He's definitely one of the cutest celebrity babies!
    alexander1.jpg Alexander2.jpg Alexander3.jpg
  2. aww, such a cute family!
  3. Wow! Naomi looks great 2 weeks after having little Alexander. The baby looks so cute.
  4. Look at those cheeks! What a cutie! She looks great!
  5. Gorgeous family, love them !
  6. She's one celeb that seemed like she was pregnant forever! I'm always relieved when a baby is born healthy!
  7. aww cute family.
  8. aw i have always really liked them together! :smile: SO cute!
  9. What a cute baby~ I think he looks just like his daddy.

    Naomi is in great shape for just having a baby!
  10. Aww.. how cute is daddy with baby in tow !
  11. what a gorgeous family! alexander is adorable!
  12. Really sweet!