Introducing a kitten to the household.

  1. Hey guys!

    In the near future, maybe after the summer, I will be planning on purchasing a Chincilla Persian kitten. However, at home I already have a 4 month old Old English Sheepdog and a 10 year old Dwarf Rabbit.

    The rabbit is in a cage so Im not too worried about her, but about the puppy.

    So, do you guys have any tips of a friendly introduction of a kitten to the puppy, thanks!
  2. Anyone...?
  3. I think it will be fine as the dog will still be young. It's MUCH easier if both animals are young :yes: You'll just have to teach the dog to be careful around the cat and to be calm.

    As for getting the cat, you should keep it confined in a "safe room" so it gets used to the sounds and smells of the house for about a week. After that, open the door and watch it roam around, STAY there and be prepared to intervene :yes: I'm sure it would go fine though. Oh and if you want to make this easier on the cat, you should look for a breeder that has children and dog(s) so your cat is well sociabilized with humans AND dogs. My cat came from a place where they had Pyrenees (sp?) dogs so he just LOVES to be around dogs :p

    Let us know if you find a kitten/breeder!
  4. I've never done a cat to dog introduction... but you should also speak to the vet and the person you're buying the kitten from... they will have tips to help you make this transition smooth.

    Definitely don't leave them unsupervised for a while though! And the introductions may just start by sniffing each other through a door... and then 15-30 minutes supervised in the same area and then increasing amounts of time. Like said above, it tends to be a smoother transition when they're both young. Good luck!
  5. Since they're both young you shouldn't have a problem. Just watch how they interact with each other in the beginning. I brought home 2 kittens when my Chi was a year old & they were fine. The 3 of them play together all the's the cutest thing to watch.
  6. YAY, thanks for the tips guys!