Introducing "3 The Hard Way!" (Pic)

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  1. Hello you all. As most of you may know I am an "accessories hog." :smile: I love LV bags and although I have amassed quite a purse collection, it's the accessories that get my engine running! :P I get more "oooohs & aaaaahs" from my accessories (spa mules, bear pin, sunglasses, barrettes, bracelets etc) plus they just have a way of making an outfit "POP" in such a cool way. :yes: I have been longing for the day when all three of these babies would be mine. Today is the day! :wlae: Thank goodness I am now done.

  2. I'm happy for you. Celebrate!:drinkup:
  3. Congrats! Love them! I love unique stuff!
  4. Love them... I love the conte de fees range ..congrats:love:
  5. I've never seen those in IRL, wow! Model them sometime?:smile: Congrats!
  6. congrats on your purchase. I'm looking into small things. I'm thinking about buying a contact case from coach...I'm right there with you...

    btw their beautiful
  7. so pretty!
  8. Those are gorgeous!
  9. In this pic my golden dreadlocs are in a high ponytail accented with the vachetta LV Butterfly:

  10. Since I've been on a hair ornament kick I thought I'd share this pic too since we rarely see these accessories on someone:

  11. By the way, I totally meant to say thank you to you all for the compliments. It's late... I must be sleepy.
  12. Oh they're gorgeous and you wear them so well! Congrats!
  13. They look fantastic and really suit you. I love them.
  14. They're gorgeous :yes:
  15. :nuts: Wow! Congrats !!! They look great and looks good on you:yes: :love:
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