Introducing 2 more loves...07 Black City and 08 Black Money

  1. Omg they are..I ordered them from Kim @ BalNY late Wed afternoon with free UPS ground shipping and at approximately 5:30pm (at the point which I had already given up hope of receiving them today), the UPS man came!!!

    Here they are...
    Bal1.jpg Bal2.jpg Bal3.jpg Bal4.jpg Bal5.jpg
  2. one more...a family pic:
  3. Congrats, they're beautiful!!! :smile:
  4. Congrats! They make a stunning pair! :tup:
  5. Oh, they look great together. Enjoy!
  6. Nice! I like classic black.

    I am waiting for a black money myself. :smile:
  7. The leather on your 07 black city looks incredible. I couldn't have picked out a better one myself. Gorgeous. Enjoy!
  8. CONGRATS on your gorgeous black duos!!!
  9. it's beautiful. congrats!
  10. omg! gorgeous!! btw, did they have anymore 07 black cities in stock?
  11. We have twins!
    Well, almost twins.
    They're only 1 week apart!
    Both pieces are gorgeous.
    Enjoy them! :drool::tup:
  12. congrats! we are twins but the reverse!!!
  13. Yes she did! Give Kim a call...I think she has more avail because she asked me what type of leather I'd prefer on mine..
  14. Omg yay, twins! Your collection is amazing btw!!
  15. Congrats! The leather on your black city looks amazing!