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  1. Are you serious? On your avatar, is that a picture of you or your daughter?
  2. Hehe, thanks! That will have to wait a couple of months cos juz ordered the classic flap :yahoo:
  3. Welcome xegbl to tPF and BV enablers club. Bet you missed all the S'pore food! :smile:
  4. Age: 33
    Gender: Lady

    Resides: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Hometown: England

    Occupation: Headhunter, (Financial Services)

    Favorite Accessory Designer Brand(s): Bottega Veneta, Chanel, Balenciaga, Chloe, Derek Lam

    Hobbies: Designing jewellery, reading, planning my wedding - arghhhhhhhhh :nuts:

    Favorite drink: Russian Dancer (Vodka, Ginger Ale & Cucumbers), Caiparinha

    Favorite food: Grilled salmon, anything with mashed potato

    Favorite TV show: LOST - highly addictive

    Thing that scares me: Losing my friends, losing my family.

    Current obsessions: Bottega. How many Veneta bags can a girl have before being considered downright boring!:p
  5. Happy Birthday, nizlay! :drinkup:

    And also congrats on your upcoming wedding, VKD! :yahoo:
  6. Age: 37

    Resides: London (but not British!)

    Gender: Girlie girl

    Occupation/ Industry: Banking/Finance

    Favorite brand: BV, Marni,Armani for work suits, Missoni,Loubutin, Chanel

    Hobbies: Meeting new people, having new experiences, dating(!), opera and am just getting into hiking. Also, I can't' go to bed w/o reading a book, even if I drift off after one page with the lights on!

    Favorite drink: Virgin colada!!!

    food: I love food. Period.

    Favorite TV show: House, Grey's Anatomy, anything with my BF Gordon Ramsay and Planet Earth

    Odd things about me: Let's just say I place premium on eccentricity

    Things that scare me: I've been in the UK for 13 years now and still get worried about my Family's health when I call home and can't reach them. It doesn't help that they rarely tell me when a family member needs to have an operation until after they are out of the hospital!

    Current obsessions: Getting fit at the ripe age of 37 and buying a black Birkin!
  7. excuse me, are we talking about gordon ramsay as in gordon ramsay the cuisinier/restaurant owner/host of this tv-show?
    well, i`d be all over food as well if that was my boyfriend...congratulations! :flowers:
  8. LOL!
    Dearest C_24, yes, Gordon Ramsay IS my BF, but in fantasy world!!! He is happily married in real life with 4 gorgeous children. Still, a girl can dream, right?
  9. hahahaha, i`m sorry, ebruo... :lol:...i didn`t know anything about his private life, only heard the critics rave him all over europe...

    see, i believe practically everything that i`m told, should stop doing that ;o)

    btw: ebru sounds turkish to that right?

  10. Oooh! Love the classic flap bag too. Oh well, if you change your mind...
  11. E! Good to hear from you again. We missed you here. Ha ha ha, GR as your fantasy BF, I can totally appreciate that. Love that wry British humour. And a man who can cook! Seems like we do have quite a lot in common, opposite sides of China notwithstanding.
  12. Def!! :yes:

    Welcome back, E!
  13. Helloooo! Yes, I am very happy to be back. I've been traveling 4 weeks out of the last 6, but I know this is no excuse as I'm typing away on the blackberry as we speak.
    I am also mortified that I am yet to post pics of my beloved collection. I FINALLY found the charger for my camera and will have a go at this when I'm back home on the 19th.
    In the meantime, C_24, you are right, Ebru is a Turkish name and that's where I am at the mo. I'm quite excited though, as I will be at the Art Basel this week for the first time for a work-related thing. This is the biggest modern art fair in the world and it will be my first time. Not to mention all the Swiss chocolate I'll be devouring!

    Listen Ms P, whilst we had a sweet friendship so far, I will be ruthless if you try to take away my BF. We'll find you another English boy who can cook. Jamie Oliver maybe? He is good mates with Brad Pitt, you know - two birds with one stone etc.
  14. Thank you Nymph! Ebruo if you like Gordon Ramsay then you should hang out in Mayfair as I always see him walking around.:nuts:
  15. I work in Mayfair! I have been going to his restaurants sice his Aubergine days back in 1994, but I am yet to meet him in person. Jean Baptiste was our maitre'd though at Petrus.
    I shall triumph one day!
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