Introduce Your Avatar !!

  1. Mine's of my 16year old Japanese Spitz-cross Jimmy, that pic was taken 2 years ago.
  2. Mine is just a random cartoon avatar I found that seemed to suit my sign on name.:biggrin:
  3. mine is when i am with my yorkie, mini and we are shopping.
  4. This is my dog Dagny.

    I may be changing to "kitty hold up" soon -

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  5. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, thats gotta be the cutest picture I've ever seen!!!
  6. Mine is a picture of my three year old Husky Rottweiller cross named Bella-Luna. :love: She loves to be wrapped up when she comes in from playing in the snow.
  7. Mine is my 3 year old Granddaughter, Ava, who enchants me!! All my bags will be hers!
  8. Luella Apple tote bag. I love it.
  9. mine is of the giant blow up cowboy i saw at the calgary stampede last year.... hehehe i thought it was so funny!!! hehehehe!
  10. ME holding greentea latte in front of the 1ST Starbucks in the world in Seattle, WA.
  11. The current love of my life, my apple city balenciaga. :love:
  12. mine is of my two kids last summer at home .. they were 7 and 2 back then :smile:
  13. That's one of the cutest things I've ever heard! Don't you just love the little critters?!?!? You're right! They are the best and they always make you smile:love:
  14. mine is the Moschino Melted Chocolate bag. I WILL get this bag someday!
  15. me and my daughter on Wakiki beach.