Introduce Your Avatar !!

  1. Giggity Goo!

    My avatar does not need introduction!
  2. ßMy constant companion Homer
  3. Mine is of my daughter running from me after she slipped her "first purse" on her arm...she truly is my baby! I can't wait until she's older so we can purse shop together.
  4. My avatar is just one of my purses, I change it every week or two.
  5. Mine is my namesake Sandy (the squirrel) from Spongebob Squarepants cartoons.
  6. my 2 yr old parson russell terrier (aka jack russell) named chayse! :biggrin: all ready for halloween. i was away, but my bf was a good sport and put her costume on anyway. the kids in the neighbourhood loved it.
  7. <--- My rouge red Balenciaga Work bag...:shame: My coworkers refer to it as my "luggage".
  8. Introducing....Cha Cha de la Caca
    Chacha is my 6 year old white pekingese who I rescued from He was an abused rescue from a puppymill somewhere in the midwest who lived the first 5 years of his life in a cage and didn't even have a name or human interaction :sad2:

    Anyway, he is my poochie now, and forever devoted...never leaving my side. Fortunately I work in an industry where he can accompany me everywhere and is now a star-studded mutt-ro-sexual with the best of them ;)
  9. Me and my two girls!!:love:
  10. <---- One of my idols, the legendary Bob Ross, the happiest painter around! Gotta love happy little trees!!
  11. The first current season, full-priced bag I've ever bought - Tod's Decoupage Tracolla Grande! :love:
  12. Picture of me taken before a date. It was one of those first dates after a breakup so I got all dolled up :lol:
  13. My avatar is obviously of a butterfly. I love butterfly's.
  14. Mine is the face behind the username,hubby loves taking b&w photos and caught me when my mind was wondering :smile: .I like using cute kitty avatars so my mug most likely won't stay up long ;) .
  15. You r such a beauty, Prada!
    My avatar is my precious kitty by the pool