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  1. very nice!!
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  2. Thank you!
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  3. A reminder to be nice
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  4. Bianca Jagger and Halston
  5. Hello September!
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  6. Just a picture from Google, I liked it then that it is very gentle:noworry:
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  7. Pic from my wedding: the back of my shoes and the different layers of my dress and veil on stone steps :love:
  8. sorry duplicate post lol.
  9. Hello October
  10. Breast cancer ribbon
  11. Jack Skellington: this is Halloween
  12. Like most actors, she's quite animated off screen. My assistant was taking pics of me touching up her lips when she suddenly made this face and I broke out laughing. One of my favourite shots and memories, hence I've used it as my avatar. She was playing an Air France Concorde Flight Attendant circa 2000. We shot this episode May 2014.
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  13. Jack-o-lantern face
  14. A calavera for dia de los muertos
  15. Maple leaf