Introduce Your Avatar !!

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  1. My avatar is myself & my DH attending a function at Gotham Hall :heart:
  2. Flamingo
  3. A photo taken of my LV Essential Trunk with me in the background.
  4. My dachshund Roxie, with the kid’s book I wrote- she’s the main character.
  5. My avatar is me. Wearing my Ray Ban's that I just had to have, but they never felt all that comfortable so I gave them to my daughter!
  6. My son singing at Carnegie Hall on the main stage (Stern Auditorium), June 2018
  7. My avatar is a picture of a sunset I took in late April with my phone on our way to Bermuda via Norwegian Escape Cruise Ship. :smile:
  8. That’s wonderful. He must’ve been excited and you proud! :smile:
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  9. Aw, thank you! He works very hard. It was amazing.
    There are not a lot of professional opportunities for 14-15 year old baritones, so this was especially appreciated.
  10. My avatar is my 4 year old Havanese, Stella. She’s such a sweet dog, and a true member of our family ❤️
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  11. A painting I did of my cats, Victoria and Lily.
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  12. Updated mine to a micro bag hanging on a bit of wall decor.
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  13. Happy Labor Day!
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  14. My avatar is a recently completed alligator clutch that I finished for my wife as a gift!
  15. Mine is a pastel painting I did for my daughter.