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  1. My Avatar is a picture of me taken in September of last year,at a New York City Studio for a photo shoot for my designs. I was also styling a another photo shoot layout at the same studio for a friend of mine,who is a makeup artist.

    Who is your Avatar? What is your Avatar ?
  2. My Avatar is Da Vinci, my shih tzu. He turned one last month and we had a party for him at a Paw-tisserie. So cute. I also have a Westie named Francesca, and two cats, Pino and Butters.
  3. Introducing three year old shih-tzu. I adopted her last year from HALO rescue in Phoenix. She was surrendered by a neglectful owner who tied her to a tree for most of the day. When I brought her home she didn't know how to play with doggy her favorite toy is her squeaky heart! Don't let her cuteness fool you...she can snore louder than any man! She also snorts like a little piggy, especially at dinnertime and when out for a walk. She has different snorts for her emotions...I am convinced she "talks" to me lol.
  4. Sanguar....your pup is sooo cute!
  5. my avatar is me louging around the house with my bad hair and my yorkie, chloe, whose second birthday is coming up soon :P
  6. Introducing my beloved Mulberry Rosemary.....yep, a bag!:love: ;)
  7. mine are two of my three bunnies...Bodger and Alix (the new baby)..they are up in the kitchen wanting food!
  8. :biggrin:
    Thanks!! Your's too
  9. my avatar = :love:

    THE ROCK...:love::love:
  10. A photo of me taken in July last year, I'm sitting on my couch at home :biggrin:
  11. Mine is of my precious little Chihuahua Maya. She was a surprise from my husband, and quite literally the best surprise I've ever recieved. She's 9 months old. Annnnnd I love her so much, and right now she is staring at me wanting a treat. :smile:
  12. mine is an avatar made from a LV ad
  13. mine is The Cassie Mae, my 1-year-old English Bulldog. The Cassie Mae is in charge of the running and supervision of my parents' house. and, of course, protection of the sofa at all times.
  14. Mine is just something my friend sent me, and I thought it was really funny. The irony is that I don't think I would ever tell someone directly that their purse/bag is fake.
  15. OOHhhhh....Designs? Can we have details? ;)

    Great photo, I thought it looked like a pro headshot. Must have been fun.