Introduce my new baby :D

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  1. Hello lovely TPF'ers :smile:

    So long story short (not really short)...I just came back from a short break in Paris. At the last day before catching the train back to London I decided to go to the FSH and try my luck...and I met this lovely blonde short hair SA. She went to check the stock after I told her that today is my last day in Paris and I really want a neutral colour bag for my birthday, ideally a Birkin with GHW. Then she came back and told me that I was very lucky to have found this one...and here we go :biggrin:

    [GALLERY=media, 85]1317 by AngelFall posted Jul 7, 2016 at 1:08 AM[/GALLERY]
  2. Awesome!!! Is that black ghw B30?
  3. This is gorgeous!!! Specs please!!!!
  4. So gorgeous!!! Congrats!! Did you get an appointment using the new system or did you just find an SA who was kind enough to help you? Either way- congrats!!! I'm hoping for the same when I visit soon!
  5. Very lucky indeed congrats!!
  6. Congrats and happy birthday!

    Also love your VCA bracelet!
  7. Wow! Is that Vert Anglais?
  8. So lucky of you, congratulations!
  9. Oregano!!?? It is stunning!!
  10. Congrats on your beautiful bag!:tup:
  11. Lovely! And congratulations on getting through the new system at FSH!
  12. Congratulations and Happy Birthday!
  13. Thanks ladies sorry I can't believe that I literally forgot to mention details..
    So it's a birkin 30 in Black with GHW, leather Togo! I'm super excited as all my other Birkins are PHW so literally it's my first GHW Hermes bag!
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  14. Thanks so much ladies you are all so sweet

    So for FSH...yes unfortunately I also got suffered from their AMAZING new system...I have to say although by getting an appointment you can indeed have a relatively calmer shopping environment but it was very annoying that the appointment time keeps changing all the time..and when I visited the store I can see people are sitting there waiting and then get disappointed... Truly wish they can do something to improve the whole new system...
  15. Congratulations!