Intro and Question

  1. Hey everyone! I'm new to tPF, but I'm a fan of Hermes.
    My name is Alicia, I'm 19 and own 3 smaller Hermes items, 2 pairs of gloves and Luna Park scarf. I have perfumes and body lotions too. I don't currently own a handbag, as I feel I'm too young to appreciate which style would suit me best (I love Birkins, Kelly's aren't very 'me'. I also really like the Bolide and the Evelyne.) My favourite leather is definitely box, yet I like togo as it seems more hardwearing.
    I guess I appreciate Hermes as when I was a little girl I would see my grandma and her friend with orange bags and they seemed so mystical and exiting. My grandmother's friend had a black birkin and I just loved it. I appreciate quailty and I'm also a scarf collector so Hermes naturally seemed like the way to go.
    Sorry for such a long introduction!

    Now for my question; when buying scarves from the Hermes website, do they send it in a giftbox? I'm contemplating Swinging St Germain as it reminds me of a special time with me and my boyfriend in Paris a couple of years ago. (not that I'm anything like the lady in figure or class! The design just reflects a moment in time)

    Thankyou for reading lovely ladies (and gentleman!) :smile:
  2. Welcome Alicia!! It's nice to have a new face, especially a young lady with a true appreciation of the brand as a whole!
    When you purchase a scarf from the website, it is sent in an orange box with the classic brown Hermes ribbon, just as if you purchased it from a boutique. You have a lovely reason for wanting that scarf, too--many collectors find that buying scarves to reflect their own interests or experiences makes them all the more meaningful, and I agree.
  3. Be sure to try to call a boutique, they may enclose a pack of scarf cards that show how to tie your scarf many different ways.
  4. Brilliant, thankyou! I don't have a boutique here unfortunately - disastrous! I wanted to make sure I'd have the luxury of the box aswell as the beautiful scarf too.

    Thankyou Cynthia!

    ETA: thankyou too, Elizabeth.
  5. Alicia, welcome to the H forum! There are so many wonderful, knowledgeable, and amazing people on this forum. I have drooled over many a bag on here, as well as other precious items like enamel bracelets and scarves.

    It sounds like we have the same approach to how we choose our items, I like to get things that remind me of special moments or have some kind of meaning to me as well.

    Stick around for awhile ok? Pull up a chair, make some tea...
  6. :yes::yes::yes:

    Oh and the scarf card suggestion is brill, as well! Those little thingies are just such fun! (Warning, though, they can lead to serious silk addiction if one is not careful!).

    Tell us a bit about yourself, if you wish/have a moment? Are you in the UK, I gather?
  7. I am in the UK but I'm half Portuguese. Next year I am hoping to receive an Hermes bag, I'm not sure which yet as I have yet to make a fully informed decision.

    I bought Luna Park from eBay (it's real though, thank god!) because it reminded me of my childhood and also one of my favourite holidays(disneyworld), it's very simple, innocent and playful. I like that side of Hermes.

    What else? I'm not an expert at all so may be posting questions in the authenticate this thread. (Have one planned already!)

    Thankyou for being so welcoming!
  8. Great choice on the Luna Park--it's soooo lovely.
  9. Welcome AM!
  10. Welcome and thank you for the lovely introduction!
  11. Welcome to tPF, AM!! I have learned so much from all these knowledgable ladies and gents in my short time here... Can't wait to hear more from you!
  12. Welcome!!! You sound lovely, and what a great way to start you scarf collection.

    I am looking foward to hearing more from you, AliciaMongoose!
  13. Thankyou ladies! I'm definitely going to get the scarf now. Just have to hide it from my boyfriend!
  14. great choice! you'll love it!