Intro and question about using Passy w/shoulder strap


Dec 26, 2006
Hi everyone. Well, I'm a little nervous posting here because until recently, you couldn't pay me to carry a purse. Sure, I had a few, but rarely used them. That changed when I lived overseas and discovered the practicality of having something to carry basics, like toilet paper and bottled water, at all times. So, now I'm obsessed with bags and have been lurking for awhile researching my first (and second and third - once you get going, it's hard to stop!) LV purchase.

Today, I picked up a black Passy and much to the saleswoman's chagrin, insisted on purchasing a shoulder strap to go with it. Even before her 10 minute lecture, I fully understood that it's designed to be a hand-held bag and that factoring the cost of the strap, I could have just bought the Passy GM and had a shoulder bag that was designed to be one...

So, here's my question: is it really *that* bad to use a shoulder strap with the Passy? I'm not so concerned that it will look ugly since I don't plan on using it all the time, but since the bag wasn't designed for one, will using the strap damage it in anyway by pulling on the handles? Or, if you can think of any other reason not to use the strap, I can use it as an excuse to exchange it for a cute little change purse. :P

Thanks for all the advice - past, present and future!
All LV bags are extremely well-made, so it could withstand occasional use with a strap. Don't overload it, but you have to know that clipping a strap on hardware will scratch it.
I forgot: this has been discussed in previous threads with the Speedy, so you could try searching for them, it's a similiar question, because the Speedy is also technically not designed for use with a strap.
i hate scratched hardware! do whatever you can to prevent that from happening! my mini pleaty has scratches on the buckle, and its REALLY noticeable! i dont know how they got there though...