Intro and I think my SA offered me a purse, help?

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  1. Hello all!

    I have been lurking around for a while and wanted to introduce myself. My obsession with hermes started after my hubby bought me a scarf for our anniversary (poor guy had no idea what he was getting into :p).

    I recently moved from Texas so I have been trying to build up a relationship with a new store. One of the wonderful SAs who helped me last time, who is not the one I have been seeing, showed me some bags and told me "when I was ready, to tell her and we would look at leathers and colors to see what I liked."

    So what do I do now??? I want to make sure she remembers me, should I go in again soon to get some things I have been wanting (more bracelets, scarves, a notebook :rolleyes:)? Do I wait until she inquires again whether I want to look at bags? How do I tell her I am ready without seeming too pushy?

    Thanks so much!!!
  2. Welcome Texgal! What a gem of an SA you´ve found, hang on to her! I´m sure she remembers you. She already suggested you´d look for bags so you don´t have to wait for her to bring it up again. Maybe say something like "last time you asked me about leathers and colours for a bag, could we take a look at those now?"
  3. Congratulations. Some people wait months, sometimes years for this to happen.
  4. Awesome, Texgal!!! I think Nola's suggestion was exactly right; you can feel free to bring it up nicely when next you visit the store.
    And yes, you are a lucky gal! :tup:
  5. Thanks Nola, hermes_lemming and CynthiaNYC. It was so unexpected, I was a little speechless, and could only muster up a "ok, thanks!", otherwise I would have taken her up on the offer that day.

    Does anyone have multiple SAs? I really liked my first SA, and want to keep going to her too. Do you just switch off who you use?
  6. I really try to deal with only one at each store. And FYI, trying to switch is basically impossible, I found, so I'd stick with the bag-offerer for sure! LOL You might want to call before your next visit and just make sure that she's there, and say that you appreciated the offer of viewing the leather book, etc., and would today be a good time for you to stop in...
    That way, you will know that she's going to be there, and she'll be looking out for your pretty face :smile:
  7. hello, i never post here as i can only dream so please excuse the ignorance of my question, why would people wait years to be offered a purse? thanks:shame:
  8. You're not alone in wondering :sweatdrop: