Intro and a Question

  1. Greetings, I am Jade and an admirer of Hermes, although I do not own any at this time. When I first started visiting this forum, I have to admit, the Birkin was about all I knew about Hermes, however now I think many of their handbags, scarves and jewlery are lovely and equally as desirable as the Birkin. I'm especially admiring the Lindy, but I have some work ahead of me to convince DH that I *need* one ;). Anyway, I am heading off to China in a couple months for a vacation and I was wondering if any of you have any experience with Hermes boutiques in China. Unfortuately I do not live near a store here in the states so my only opportunity to visit a brick and morters store will be when I travel. Are there customs restrictions to bringing a high cost item like an H handbag back into the US? Are Asian boutiques reliable and do they have English speaking SA's? Thank you so much for your assistance with this. I have enjoyed reading through many H threads on this board in the past couple months and have definately noticed that it's not the destination but the journey that is so enjoyable in the pursuit of H.
  2. Welcome Jade

    I have shopped at both the Shanghai and Beijing (Peninsula) Hermes and they both have English speaking SAs.

    Shanghai was particualrly good, with a terrific range of stock and very helpful staff who were reasonably knowledgable about the product.

    I found the Beijing Pen staff rather rude on the first visit, I was casually attired but when I went back that evening and the reliased I was a guest they were more courteous (although by then I was over them and didn't buy anything there).

    The prices in China were higher than the US but I did not think exhorbitant when compared with other places in Asia.

    HTH :flowers:
  3. Welcome!

    You'll be in China for a few months? Lucky you! Is it probable that you spend one or 2 days in Europe, as it's much nearer?
  4. Hi Jade! I haven't any knowledge of Hermes in China but I wanted to say welcome!
  5. Thank you for the kind welcome. I will (unfortuantely) not be taking an extended vacation to China, just 10 days and I leave in about 2 months. I would love to get to Europe, but actually Asia is closer to me because I live on the west coast (love it!).

    Handybags, I will have to check out the Shanghai Hermes, as I am a rather casual dresser, I don't want to face down any snooty SA's!
  6. I have never been to China, but welcome to the boards! I'm kind of new here, too, so we can be "freshmen" together ;)
  7. Welcome Jade!
    Prices in mainland China are higher than in Hong Kong and Macau.
    I myself find the SAs in my recent trip to H Shanghai not very friendly.
  8. A couple of nice H boutiques in Waikiki, too, if you are heading that way on your trip....Another in the DFS Galleria as well, and a mini H at the airport. You could hit four in one day, LOL!
  9. Please don't be put off the Beijing Pen store on my account I may have caught them on a bad day. They are gearing up for an Olympics though so perhaps there are learning to be a more tolerant of tourists! lol

    I'd call in anyway you might see something you love and there are FANTASTIC stores in the Peninsula mall.

    I hope you have a great trip - be sure and report back on your adventures :smile:
  10. Cynthia, yup, freshman together!

    I will definately check out the H in either Beijing or Shanghai (it will probably be my first visit to and H store) and let you all know what I think. Since I've only seen one H IRL (25cm fuschia Birkin, I think) I'm looking forward to seeing more up close.