Intrntnl unconfirmed address - partially eligible - what to do?

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  1. #1 Jul 17, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2009
    I have an international (HK) buyer and see she has unconfirmed address and qualifies for partial seller protection eligibility. Paypal says it can't guarantee against unauthorized payments. So how do I rest assured that the payment was authorized? It seems like credit card and identities on the bay can be stolen rather easily nowadays. I tried emailing the buyer at the address listed with paypal but haven't gotten a reply yet. I am always scared to send internationally. Maybe I should cancel? Would love some thoughts. Thx!
  2. hmm, when did you last email her ? i suppose if you can get a reply from her saying that she did indeed authorize the payment, you can keep this email if anything untoward comes up later.
    wait to see what the others say too , but if you're really concerned you could refund the payment and cancel i guess, but then you run the risk of being reported as a non performing seller, which will still be better than losing the bag and the money somewhere down the line.
  3. Does your auction state confirmed address only? If so, I would cancel the sale and refund as she would be an unwelcome bidder. I'm not sure if the buyer could leave a neg and if so, you may be able to have it removed if she didn't read the terms of sale and they stated confirmed address only.
  4. I don't think it's possible to have a confirmed address in the HK so I'm wondering how sellers feel comfortable selling to HK buyers since seller protection is limited. Maybe I should just refund
  5. I wouldn't recommend sending an item internationally to an unconfirmed address. If the buyers files an INR , paypal may favor the buyer and you'll lose both the item & the money....

    IMO...I would let the buyer know that since the address is unconfirmed, i would not be able to send the item. Better be on the safe side than be sorry....

    SCAMMERS are everywhere.....
  6. well, the buyer ended up writing back from the paypal email address. do you think I should move forward with this? do you think I have enough proof that the transaction was authorized given the email? for those who think I should still call it off, I'm just wondering if that means you refuse to sell to international buyers outside of the UK, Canada and Australia b/c those are the only countries that have confirmed addresses?
  7. You have no seller protection. There is NO WAY I would go thru w/ this one...
  8. I agree with all of the above.. I would not ship without seller protection under any circumstances.. you are just asking for problems and dealing internationally is a real big one. this has a red flag flying across my screen
  9. Tell her to send you WU or I would forget it. If PP says you will be "Partially covered," with them, even that status could change to NOT COVERED ALL ALL. Take PP's word for it. I would be very wary of this transaction and cancel/refund PP and ask them to send another kind of payment (Western Union or whatever method people use for international payment that is guaranteed to be safe for seller. Buyer takes a risk, but seller is safe.).
  10. she refused to do WU or MO so we ended the deal. thanks everyone for your feedback! it helped a lot!!!
  11. Good! :tup:

    Don't forget to ask ebay for your Final Value Fees credited back to your account. There's a form that both seller and buyer have to complete confirming that the transaction did not take place.