intrerracial dating

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  1. is any one here in a interacial relationship and if not how do you feel about it me personally i dont care people are people as long as they love each other and treat each other well
  2. I'm Asian and my boy's Australian :biggrin: It's pretty common I think
  3. My fiance is Filipino & I am Vietnamese...I always wanted / want to have mixed kids!...

    I've dated a wide range of Latinos,Asians,and black.


    My mom always told me that she doesn't care what race I bring home---just as long as he loves me in all ways then its all good.
  4. My father is British and my mom is Korean...

    I think that its really great but it can have parents had two very different upbringing and had two distinct ideas on issues that kept them from really connecting at times...I think it is better nowadays b/c the world is so much more global...

    As for me...I love that I was exposed to two different cultures...I wouldnt change anything and think that when people oppose such union and say that they are thinking about the children....the children will have more advantages and have a greater understanding about the world around them....:yes:
  5. I'm Asian and my boyfriend is latino :P
  6. I am not in an interracial relationship right now, but I did go out with a mixed (black & white) guy when I was in school. Honestly, I couldn't imagine myself being in an interracial relationship right now, but that's mainly because the area I live in is mainly-white and you don't see many people of other races around.

    But do I have anything against it? No, of course not. If I met a guy who was a different race than I was and he was nice and I was attracted to him, then sure - I'd go for it :biggrin:
  7. I love love love half asian men...beautifl faces, kind hearts and skin like silk. My BF is 1/2 vietnamese & german, I'm 1/2 indian and white. My ex-husband was 1/2 asian as well.
    We are all mixed anyway....if you love, you love and there's no stopping it!
  8. I think nothing of it, really! One of my best friends is african american and he married a white girl. They would tell me they would get a lot of stares, which I find terrible. Her family was actually against it in the beginning. They were traditional Irish catholics. They came around though when they realized how great my friend is.

    I think if you're lucky enough to find real love, it doesn't matter what race or sex you doesn't discriminate.
  9. I have so much respect and admiration for the younger generation(s) that look beyond skin color and nationality these days and see people for who they are. I grew up in the South in the 60's when interracial dating was not only unheard of, but could get (usually the guy) killed. I can remember being a young girl and wondering why black people were being treated differently than white people were, but needless to say I learned in a hurry (and never found it acceptable).

    Having been raised by parents that looked beyond skin color, I grew up with an atypical Southern midset about all this. When my daughter began to start noticing boys, my only wish for her was to find someone that treated her with love and respect. Beyond that, who cares?

    For myself? I don't know. It's not because of some deeply hidden prejudice. Even in this day and time, it takes a great deal of courage to date/marry someone outside your race, whatever your race might be. I'm not sure I'm that brave that I could hold up under the scrutiny of the idiots of the world.:shrugs:

    If I were single though, I certainly wouldn't rule any decent man out over skin color or nationality.
  10. Well.. it's like how Russell Peters says, "we're all going to be beige in 300 years. Cause sooner or later.. we're going to hump you !" :graucho:

    What can I say, love is colourblind ! :yes:
  11. I am British of Vietnamese/a quarter French origin and my boyfriend is American of Irish descent. My boyfriend is from Alabama, he has served his country, he loves his family and has the biggest heart. I love him more than words can say, colour is simply not a factor.
  12. Before I married, I have dated hispanic guys and one asian guy in the past. For me it hasn't been the race as an issue, I sometimes think cultural differences can get in the way of the relationship and compromises must be made on one side or the other.
  13. I am Asian (Chinese), my BF is caucasian and most of my BF's before have been. I have also dateds South, Central American guys. I have quite a few interracial relationships in my family and extended family. I grew up with it and it's not something I think about. I do realize not everyone feels the same way. My BF and I don't get much stares. I guess Caucasian/Asian is most common but when I was with my ex Central American ex BF, we did have people staring at us especially at Chinese restaurants.
  14. Very well said!

    Marriage is difficult as it is and when you mix people of various cultural and religious differences it can become even more difficult. It doesn't mean it can't work or it isn't proper/right, but it adds for complication. I do feel deep down that is one main reason people stayed with their "own kind". I don't feel it was completely a prejudice issue. (I hope I stated myself clear enough here)
  15. it all depends on how the cultures mix and match..... of course, when you are in a relationship, you share, compromise with the person no matter what.. different ethnicities is just another ingredient to work on..
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