- lots of Chloes on sale, others too!

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  1. I have never shopped at, but their website is nice, and they say they have been in business for 8 years - if anyone has any info about, share, please. :yes: Lots of Chloes on sale there. Annette Also, in the title I misspelled the website name, it is plural -
  2. Yeah, I would like some more info about as well.
  3. they can't be legit, can they? they sell balenciaga online and nobody is authorized to do this according to balenciaga....

    I am very suspicious. :sad:
  4. aww that's really too bad :sad: Those are really good prices, but I guess their too good to be true.
  5. While the company info page claims that they guarantee authenticity or your money back, there is a shady disclaimer at the bottom of the page:

    To me, that says that their sources could be questionable which also makes the merchandise somewhat questionable. But if they honor their guarantee, it will only cost you shipping to find out I guess.
  6. Thanks for everyone's input. If no one here on the purseforum has experience with them, I really wonder about their legitimacy. It seems that PFs would know about them if they are the real deal.

    If they start selling at 50% off, I might try something, charge it to my credit card, and that way I can always have my credit card company on my side. :idea: Just in case it's a counterfeit.
  7. I met the guy that runs that website, and he told me about it. I haven't personally ordered anything from there but my friend got a Fendi and it was real.
  8. Intrends sells fakes.

  9. lovelygarments, like you, I was curious so I purchased a Prada bag and a Mulberry Canvas Roxanne from them at 40% off and planned to just do a credit card reversal if my purchases were fake. My purchases turned out authentic (thank God!) but I do know of some people who got a fake bag from them so I guess they carry mixed inventory?

    They also said the Prada bag I purchased was brand new but clearly it wasn't upon arrival since the metal closure had tarnished and there were some scuffs on the leather and some wear inside the lining. But for 40% off I guess I get what I pay for. Which leads me to believe they are a 'depot-vente' of some sort. People would bring in their pre-owned items to resell for a fee and maybe that's how they don't scrutinise the items very carefully.

    I think they are also danielleboutique on ebay as the addresses on their website and ebay information are the same, located in Orange County in California. Check out their listing for the yellow Chloe Paddington Bowler, the padlock and the hardware is a frosted yellow color. Did Chloé make that version? I'm just not sure.

    Hope this helps.

  10. i know im about 3 years late with this forum, but i actually purchased a pair of gucci crystal babouska pumps for somewhere around 380
    i was expecting a fake, but when they came i was shocked to see that they were authentic, brand new gucci smelling and all, i gotta admit that i was very happy with my purchase, their prices aren't fishy, and they do use their own pictures, but n-ewho that's all i've ever bought from there don't know about their handbags, and i checked on ebay im pretty sure that they are danielleboutique too because the pictures are the same
  11. Theie office and warehouse was right next to my office about 2 1/2 years ago. I saw the warehouse and everything was authentic at that time. I think they relocated to a bigger office.
  12. why was this old thread dug iup?
  13. I just checked out the website. is now a travel site!!
  14. The bag site is still up but it's intrends, not intrend. I'd be leery of them now, to be honest.